PlayStation Plus Subscribers Prepare To Die With Demon’s Souls

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Dark Souls 2 may be a ways out from release, so to help make the wait bearable, Sony is now offering PS+ subscribers the original Demon’s Souls, the game that started it all, for absolutely free.

“Envelop yourself in the Kingdom of Boletaria, a dark land devastated by the cruel fog that brings demons to feast on mortal souls. Vanquish monstrous demons in unforgiving combat and collect their souls to grow your own power. Progress through a non-linear world exploring ancient castles, deep caves and dark tunnels littered with deadly traps. To succeed you will need to adapt your character, your equipment and your tactics to every unpredictable situation.”

Demon’s Souls features a 3 player co-op RPG experience. The game had originally planned to shut it’s servers down late 2011, but was pushed to stay up until May 2012. Surprisingly, the team decided to keep them up and running with no actual shut-down date due to fans’ support.