PS4 – A Lot Of PlayStation News Happening This Week, Details On Firmware Update 1.7 “Coming Soon”?

Announced on March 19th, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 4 would be receiving a major update that was set to include many new features, including the much-requested removal of the dreaded HDCP.

Though they stated that the update would be available “Soon”, nearly a month has passed since we’ve gotten any word about it. However, it seems that may change this week.

English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe, Chris Owen, took to Twitter today to “tease” that there would be a lot of news coming out this week.

Moderation Specialist at SCEE also commented, saying it’s a “something for everyone kinda week!”


A bit later, he went on to post details about the upcoming LittleBigPlanet DC Premium Level pack, with a Twitter user asking if there will be news about the PS4 and if it’s firmware related. Owen responded with:

He also went on to acknowledge that PSN in Europe is experiencing some login issues, though he doesn’t have any clear details yet.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the update just came live out of nowhere, since Sony does seem to enjoy releasing them out of the blue.

The update was confirmed to include the removal of HDCP, the ability to export videos to a USB, better Twitch support, and other unannounced features.

Thanks, users of Neogaf.

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