PSA: Far Cry 6 Beta Email Phising Scam Out in the Wild, Here’s What It Looks Like (Update)

Far Cry 6 Beta Email Phising

While Ubisoft has not given Far Cry 6 a concrete release date just yet, it seems some people are using the game to scam people by emailing them “beta access.” Note that this Far Cry 6 beta email phishing scam is kind of obvious, but we thought it still bears sharing as to alert people that it is out there.

Here’s a screenshot of the email circulating online which some of us on staff have received.:

Apparently, clicking the link will give the sender access to your screen, and can record anything you do. Mind, it seems some thought has been put into this, as the email address is “” which anyone who has gotten a press release from Ubisoft can easily tell is a fake.

Nonetheless, let people know that this is going around, and let’s hope no one gets victimized. We’ve reached out to Ubisoft to let them know that this is happening, too.


Ubisoft has confirmed to MP1st via email that they are aware of this phising email scam floating around.

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1 year ago

i also get email where main they want me play trial farcry6. they send use email tht scam too?

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