PSA: Returnal Error Code CE-100028-1 Causing Save Corruption From Latest Update

Returnal CE-100028-1

Earlier today, Housemarque released a new update for their recently released title, Returnal. While it fixed a number of big issues that players were having, especially with pre-order suits and crashes, it would appear that the latest update brought an even bigger issue as users are reporting that their Returnal saves are being corrupted, with error code CE-100028-1 popping up.

Over on the Returnal subreddit, multiple posts have popped up with users confirming that they are seeing error code CE-100028-1 in Returnal, which means their saves have become corrupted.

Saved data error? from Returnal

I’m experiencing an error every few minutes after patch from Returnal

entire save file got corrupted after update from Returnal

New issue? Not had this before the update but it keeps popping up every minute or so now from Returnal

PATCH ERROR CE-100028-1 DELETING YOUR SAVE – kill auto-update on PS5 before if you still can and unsync the saves to could NOW! from Returnal

New patch corrupted my save. from Returnal

While you can technically keep playing, no progress gets saved ,and upon rebooting back into the game the save becomes completely unusable and gets wiped.

Fortunately there is some safety measures some people can take in order to prevent this issue. First and foremost, if you haven’t downloaded the latest update, then turn off automatic update in the system settings and ignore the download each time you boot up. If you did happen download the update however, you may be lucky enough to recover your save data via the PlayStation Cloud storage.

If this is possibly, it is highly recommended you go into your game save settings for Cloud storage and disable auto-sync, that way you can prevent a newer save (after your original corrupted) from overwriting your original save in PS Cloud.

Housemarque has yet to acknowledge this issue, though we expect to see a statement very soon. For now, we advise that you don’t update until this has been resolved or at least be sure to backup your save before booting the game.

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