PSN Error CE-42739-5 Licensing Issues Popping Up for People Worldwide

PS4 8.00 Update Error

While PlayStation gamers are (kinda) used to the PlayStation Network being down randomly, there’s a new issue that’s surfaced now, and it’s kind of a big deal. If you’re seeing PSN error CE-42739-5, and can’t seem to play some games, it’s not you, but the network acting up! And yes, this seems to be a problem affecting PlayStation gamers worldwide.

A megathread (created after multiple posts) for this has been started on the PS4 subreddit where it mentions that PSN Error CE-42739-5 is affecting purchases, subscriptions for PlayStation Plus, PS Now, etc. and more! It may also affect games or services tied to your PSN accounts such as Epic Games for Fortnite, EA Access, and more.

Unfortunately, while this is a licensing issue, users have reported that restoring licenses manually on the PS4 doesn’t seem to work. If you’re unsure if you’re PSN account is experiencing the issue or not, you can check it via the official PlayStation status page.

Currently, the official AskPlayStation Twitter account has not acknowledged this issue, but we’ll post any updates as we get ’em. Also, more and more people are reporting this issue now, so we’re certain Sony will hopefully check on it ASAP. Nonetheless, we’ve also contacted Sony for a statement about this and see where they’re at.

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