PSN Error CE-42739-5 Licensing Issues Popping Up for People Worldwide

PS4 8.00 Update Error

While PlayStation gamers are (kinda) used to the PlayStation Network being down randomly, there’s a new issue that’s surfaced now, and it’s kind of a big deal. If you’re seeing PSN error CE-42739-5, and can’t seem to play some games, it’s not you, but the network acting up! And yes, this seems to be a problem affecting PlayStation gamers worldwide.

A megathread (created after multiple posts) for this has been started on the PS4 subreddit where it mentions that PSN Error CE-42739-5 is affecting purchases, subscriptions for PlayStation Plus, PS Now, etc. and more! It may also affect games or services tied to your PSN accounts such as Epic Games for Fortnite, EA Access, and more.

Unfortunately, while this is a licensing issue, users have reported that restoring licenses manually on the PS4 doesn’t seem to work. If you’re unsure if you’re PSN account is experiencing the issue or not, you can check it via the official PlayStation status page.

Currently, the official AskPlayStation Twitter account has not acknowledged this issue, but we’ll post any updates as we get ’em. Also, more and more people are reporting this issue now, so we’re certain Sony will hopefully check on it ASAP. Nonetheless, we’ve also contacted Sony for a statement about this and see where they’re at.

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22 thoughts on “PSN Error CE-42739-5 Licensing Issues Popping Up for People Worldwide

  1. Sony has ALWAYS had these types of issues. MS keeps track of all of your purchases all the way back to the original XBOX, and your progress on the game as well. Sony just sucks at these things, in general…just like they had to work a deal with MS for their streaming via Azure. Sony knows games, and components/hardware…but they suck at infrastructure and digital sales, licensing, and security.

    1. Uh Sony does exactly all that also….People wouldn’t have problems IF they actually set up their console properly instead of trying to shitbag game share with a friend….This is only a problem when your trying to gameshare becasue it needs to verify the account, I’ve had zero issues with any downtime or network errors because I set mine up properly and don’t need an internet connection.

      1. A good xbox fanboy never loses a great opportunity to shit on sony.

        Because for the last… what am I saying.. since forever, the playstation consoles were more powerful, much more user friendly (ps3,ps4, easy swappable drive, among many other things), had a ton of amazing exclusives (ghost of tsushima is another 10/10 ps4 game xbox fans won’t be able to play), has tons of different titles for different genres, had free online play(ps3), and overall, are much much better,
        The ONLY thing xbox fans simply love to use, to bash the ps3..ps4… is the network, because ‘live works and is much better’.
        Really ?
        How many thousand of times the guys at MS flip the on/off buttons, on their servers or network, for maintenance, errors, etc, and users aren’t even aware of ?…

        But when Sony does something… wow, it’s the end of the human mind.

        MS sold dozens of millions of broken, ready to die x360, with the RROD, to parents and kids, the big websites barely talked about it.
        But when Sony removes the “other OS’ feature on the ps3, probably used by less than 0.01% (1 / 10’000), to prevent a massive hack, and eventually, a bankruptcy, ALL THE INTERNET starts crying, with dozens of thousands of articles, saying how bad Sony is… lol

        Even the author can’t help … “While PlayStation gamers are (kinda) used to the PlayStation Network being down randomly…”

        after a laughable x series gameplay reveal, we finally get a chance to see some action, some stuff running on a ps5… eeverything was simply amazing, even if it was a tech demo… but there already were thousands of articles to criticize it… if that demo had been running on a xbox series x, ohhhh my fukin LORD, the whole internet would have collapsed , with the millions of articles ’24 reasons why the xbox series x has already won the next gen war! ‘, or “why the Unreal 5 graphics are simply impossible, on a ps5”, or “10 reasons why the xbox series x is at least 80% more powerful than a ps5” !

        But because it was running on a ps5…. the negative articles are everywhere!

        Ah, these good xbox fanboys…lol…. after over 10+ years, these kiddos remain… well, kiddos.

    2. I agree with bigevilworldwide1. My ps3 games are still downloadable from the PSN, even Plus games are still there, infact shutdown beta games like Gotham City Imposters, Dust514 and PS Home are there. I csn even tell games to download to mt ps4 while in rest mode. Now i found a few years back a few necessities in the settings to stop or mostly stop being kicked from online lobbies, DNS errors, Network errors, and PSN NAT type issues. There are a couple things to know first, most of this info is not gamer secrets or tech exclusive only, and that consoles are just mini comps and comps need info to work. The info, tiny bits of code need to go out from your system to the source then back with the requestef info, these are like folders full of code called packets these are important to know and essential to run computers, internet, networks, websites, etc…, these do not go in a interlinking train to their destination, instead the take several routes being processed along the way and back. This will be important later. Now first of go to Network Settings and start to set up a your Network connection, you’ll want to select custom after your type either WiFi or Ethernet, after selecting custom it will have you select your network then put in your password, then it will ask about your ip, skip it and the next screen, the third is DNS settup, select it, you will now see two places, both with, were gonna change these. DNS(Direct Network Services) are servers for info to run through, the best and fastest seem to be Google’s and Cloudfare’s, Cloudfare says their #1 in being the fastest and most secure public DNS and that they encrypt users info, but Goggle says the same. Goggle’s primary DNS is & their secondary DNS is, Cloudfare’s primary DNS is & their secondary is, so replace the primary with either or select next and replace the secondary DNS with either or and select next, now your next setting you want to change is MTU, what is MTU ? Well MTU is the amount of info or packets sent out or transmited by your system, the packets i mentioned before are important, unfortunately most systems set these weird and most consoles are no different im not sure what Xbox’s are set at but PS us set at 1500, this is a little high what Sony was trying to do was make things run smoother but they failed, 1500 make your console send less information in more packets however its makes it more likely to loose or have lost packets changing this to a slightly lower amount of packets with more info in them making them get to there destination with less likelyhood they’ll get lost. Which makes a more secure and stronger connection hard to kick. Set your MTU between 1470 & 1480, i found 1473 works the best. Trust me try this and you’ll see a dramatic difference. One last thing, i found by accident a cool trick which seems to work real well, after setting up check you connection ps4’s and 3’s only need about 10-15mbps download to run smooth. Of course the higher the number the better with Google and Cloudfare’s DNS’s you should see around 20-40mbps for download and 10-20mbps upload & your NAT type should be NAT 2, but i found using Google’s primary DNS for my primary and Cloudfare’s secondary for my secondary ive seen 55-79mbps for download and 20-35mbps for upload, and NAT type is NAT 2 and runs without heating up. Hope this helps get rid of those bothersome error codes.

  2. The irony after taalking so much trash about MS. This is a problem for all platforms

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