PUBG Getting Temporary Graphics Downgrade on Xbox One X to Stabilize Frame Rate

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If you’re an Xbox One X owner who’s having issues playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) regarding frame rate drops, rejoice! A fix is incoming, but it’ll come with a steep price.

According to PUBG Corp. the Xbox One X version of PUBG is getting a temporary downgrade in the graphics department or in their words, a “toning down.”

This hotfix will include toning down many of the graphical settings on the Xbox One X.

This includes the following changes:

  • Shadow Quality (Both Dynamic/Static) lowered
  • Post Processing
    • Turn off Motion Blur
    • Decrease quality of Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
    • Turn off Depth of Field
    • Turn off Lens Flare
    • Decrease Eyes Adaption Quality
      • This is the time it takes for your eyes to adapt to the dark when you go from a bright to dark place.
  • Effects
    • Turn off Screen Space Reflection (SSR)
      • This is the reflection from windows and such.
    • Turn off Refraction
      • This is refracted light.
    • Turn off Subsurface Scattering (SSS)
      • This is when there is light inside an object to make it look more real.
    • Turn off Particle Light
      • This is dynamic light from different effects such as explosions.
    • Lower the number of particles created

The resolution and textures will remain the same. We wanted to maintain the quality in overall visuals, so to minimize the difference, we only reduced very specific detailed graphics options like shadowing and reflection.

Check out a few screenshots detailing the before and after of this graphics downgrade.





PUBG Corp. also mentions that they know that there are some Xbox One X players who aren’t experiencing frame rate problems, though this graphical downgrade will affect everyone regardless if they like it or not.

Don’t fret though, a “long term solution” is being worked on and will be implemented in the future that will cater two different audiences: one that prefers better graphics, and those who who crave better performance and doesn’t mind sacrificing visual fidelity.

In addition to that, a hotfix is expected to roll out tomorrow, which will include the Xbox One X graphics downgrade, a fix for the “Lost Connection to Host” issue, and some additions to the game that are needed to prepare for War Mode. A full changelog will be made available soon, and once it’s out, we’ll be sure to let our PUBG Xbox readers now.

The War Mode release date has also been announced!

War Mode

We are happy to announce that War Mode will be available on September 21! As previously stated, War Mode will only be available on select weekends in Event Mode.

War Mode will entail a new event with different settings. It is essentially a deathmatch-style game mode where players hunt each other in a static zone. If you are killed, you will respawn in planes that intermittently fly by. Teams get points for knockdowns, kills, and for reviving teammates, and the team that reaches the points goal, or has the highest points when the match timer ends, wins the battle.

War Mode will be available for everyone, at anytime, when the Custom Match feature is released in October.

We’ll have more details to share soon regarding the event mode starting on September 21. We’ll have a full set of rules and details on how to play, so stay tuned for details in the coming days.

Lastly, PUBG Corp. is still coordinating with Microsoft regarding Achievements not tracking properly or downright not unlocking, and will have a “concrete update” on this soon.

Of course, Xbox One X owners might not be as understanding as PUBG Corp. would like — especially given how fantastic some other battle royale games are running even on a pre-release beta state.

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