PUBG Update 2.09 Rolled Out This May 20

PUBG Update 2.09

PUBG Corp. has rolled out the (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) PUBG update 2.09 patch, and this is after yesterday’s roll out of the big 17.2 update for consoles. As one might expect, this is primarily for bug fixes and nothing more. Read on for the PUBG May 20 patch notes.

PUBG Update 2.09 Patch Notes | PUBG May 20 Patch Notes:

PUBG Corp. has not acknowledged the patch released today just yet, though there is the announcement of the “Duck Rider Challenge.”

Hello players!

Got some top-tier landing skills? Then you’ve arrived at the perfect event.

Along with the new B.Duck update at Sanhok for Update 17.2, we’ve prepared a special Duck Rider Challenge! Land on top of one of the B.Ducks’ fluffy heads using your parachute, capture and upload a screenshot/video of that moment, and earn the chance to take home ducky rewards!


  1. Parachute your way through Sanhok and land on top of one of the four B.Ducks’ heads.
  2. Take a screenshot or video of yourself.
  3. Upload the screenshot/video to your social media account on one of the following platforms.
    • Regional Channles
  4. Please include the following information along with your entry:
    • Your PUBG in-game nickname
    • Your platform (ex. Steam, KAKAO, Xbox, etc.)
    • Required hashtags
      • #PUBGDuckRider
      • Regional Hashtags

Once we have more info regarding the actual changelog, we’ll be sure to update the post.

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