PUBG Update 2.19 Drops for Hotfix This September 23

PUBG Update 2.19

PUBG Corp. has released (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) PUBG update 2.19, and this is a hotfix for some issues plaguing the game. Read on for what’s new in the PUBG September 23 patch notes.

PUBG Update 2.19 Patch Notes | PUBG September 23 Patch Notes:

Here’s the announcement from the studio:

[Console] A hotfix has been released to reduce the number of server crashes occurring.

This will only apply to PlayStation and Stadia platforms, however, a separate hotfix will be released on Mon 26th Sept for Xbox.

A download will be required to apply the hotfix.

In addition, Blue Chip Detector spawn rates have also been reduced.

Don’t forget, we just got the big 19.2 patch on September 15, which you can read about here.

Source: Reddit

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