PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 – PopCap Teases Upcoming “Graveyard Variety” DLC, Addresses Upcoming Rose ‘Nerf’

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Zombies who are sick and tired of being harassed by Rose — one of the overpowerful new Plant classes in Garden Warfare 2 — will be happy to know their pain and suffering is coming to end, according to a recent update from PopCap.

Developers had this to say about one of the biggest imbalances in Garden Warfare 2’s otherwise enjoyable multiplayer:

First and foremost: Rose. This is an important topic for many of you and we’ve received tons of valuable player feedback related to her ability to deal damage in the game. Rose was conceived as a support role/specialist, not a primary damage dealer, and we’ve been working on rebalancing her to fit that role. This fix is going to be implemented very soon and we thank you for your patience and incredible support while we get it ready.”

The studio didn’t share the exactly what it’s going to do to address the character, but it’s a worthy guess that they’ll revert her back to her ‘beta’ self, where her damage and homing ability were much more suitable for a Support class.

In addition, PopCap also teased the very first DLC for Garden Warfare 2, titled “Graveyard Variety”. If the first Garden Warfare is anything to go by (which received a content pack similarly titled “Garden Variety“), it will likely feature new character variants, maps, and alternate skills for the cast. It’s also possible that add-on will also introduce a returning GW1 map:


With Garden Warfare 2 boasting over 100 character variants, what new ones would you like to be see added in the near future via DLC?

Source: Plants vs. Zombies

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