Rainbow Six Siege Osa Gadget & Tips Gameplay Overview and Year 6 Collector’s Case Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard

Ubisoft not only revealed the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Crystal Guard details today, but we got the Operator overview as well and then some! Check out the Rainbow Six Siege Osa gadget and tips gameplay video below, and Ubisoft has even announced a collectible for Siege fans too!

Rainbow Six Siege Osa Gadget & Tips Gameplay Overview:

Rainbow Six Siege is introducing some new hardware with the reveal of Crystal Guard, and giving the Attackers a chance to do some constructive redecorating. A new Operator named Osa has designed transparent bulletproof shields that she can deploy in windows, doors, or the middle of the floor. Along with Osa, Crystal Guard is bringing map updates to Clubhouse, Coastline and Bank, Operator balancing tweaks to IQ, Fuze, and Twitch, as well as a few more improvements that we cover in this video.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case Trailer:

The Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case is for all the Siege fan’s out there. The collector gathers a mass of goodies and exclusive items to showcase your belonging to the Siege community. From the famous sledge’s hammer to the not-less-goofy Sparkle Tachanka chibi, each and everyone will be able to recognize iconic piece of what made Siege what it is today.

Stay tuned to our Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard gameplay impressions later today, as well as a video of the map redesign coming in the new season.

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