Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down This April 19, Ubisoft Aware of Issues (Update)

rainbow six siege servers down april 19

For those who can’t connect to Rainbow Six Siege, it’s not just you, as the R6 Siege servers are down this April 19, and there’s no scheduled maintenance to account for it.

Rainbow Six Siege Servers Down Status and Updates for April 19:

Update: Ubisoft has announced that server issues have been resolved.

Reports regarding the outage have surfaced on the game’s subreddit confirming the server issues:

Servers down ??
by u/zaaaaaaay in Rainbow6

Over on Twitter, the official Ubisoft Support account acknowledged the server downtime as well:

We’re aware of the issues affecting connectivity in Rainbow Six Siege and are working towards resolving this ASAP.

Once we know more or if Ubisoft delivers an update on the server situation, we’ll update the article accordingly. If you can somehow connect, leave a comment below and let us know which platform and where you’re connecting from to give other Siege players a heads up.

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