Rainbow Six Siege Upcoming Changes Outlined for Y5S1

rainbow six siege void edge test server patch notes

With Ubisoft pulling back the curtain of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Void Edge’s new Operators, some players might be wondering what the Rainbow Six Siege upcoming changes will be when these new Operators are rolled out in the Y5S1 (Year 5 Season 1).patch.

As part of the Operation Void Edge Operator reveal, Ubisoft has given us a sneak peek at some of the Rainbow Six Siege upcoming changes. Note that these are not the complete patch notes, but a look at the reworked map, as wellas some of the new features, gameplay updates and more.

Gameplay Updates, New Features & Other Changes

  • Consistent debris for barricades, panels disintegrate
  • Lesion nerf: line of sight and proximity required to see Gu Mines, removed initial damage, increased damage over time from 4 to 6
  • Twitch changes: Shock Drone now deals 1 damage (down from 10), unlimited charges on cooldown (starts at 3)
  • Drone now spawns near your selected spawn point
  • Updated main menu user interface for selecting game mode
    • Terrorist Hunt renamed to Training Grounds
    • Tutorials renamed to Learning Area
    • Improved game mode overview, showcasing differences
  • New Elite Skin: Caveira (available February 20th) [Clip]

Reworked Map: Oregon

  • Small tower expanded
  • Redesigned floorplan near Master Bedroom/Dorms
  • New connector between Small and Big Tower, coming through Kitchen
  • Attic now open to Master Bedroom side
  • White Stairs expanded, now going into the basement as well (leading into Freezer)
  • Updated basement floorplan
  • Bombsites:
    • Dorms
    • Basement
    • Meeting & Kitchen
    • Dining & Kitchen

​Ubisoft has mentioned that Operation Void Edge will be available on the Test Servers this February 17, 2020 (tomorrow), which means we’ll be getting it soon-ish.

Same as with every big seasonal patch, expect a massive list of gameplay tweaks for the current Operators and other stuff too.

Source: Reddit

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