Razer Smart Glasses the “Anzu,” Announced, Offers True Wireless, UV Protection & More

razer smart glasses

Following in the steps of Amazon and Bose, Razer has officially announced the Razer smart glasses called the “Aznu.” Coming with two different lenses, the Anzu will supply wearers with 35% protection (clear lenses) and 99% UVA/UVB (sunglass lenses). Of course users will also be given the option to fit prescription lenses (via Lensabl RAZER15 for 15% discount) so that they can obviously see better out of them.

As for smart features, well the Anzu has touch-enabled and voice command features along with being equipped with a omnidirectional microphone and 5.1 Bluetooth capabilities. For those worried about tough weather or extreme sweat, the design is also water-resistant with a IPX4 rating. Most of all though, the Anzu boasts true wireless (each side has separate charging), which Razer has said would improve both the overall comfortability and flexibility of the glasses compared to other makers. 

They retail for $199.99 USD and are available for order on the official Razer website or in store. For those of us living North America we can purchase them from BestBuy. You’ll be able to get them in two different styles and sizes, with those either being the rounded or rectangular frames and in standard or XL sizes. Specifications can be found below.

Small / MediumLens Width: 51.8 mm
Bridge Width: 18.5 mm
Temple Length: 140 mm
Lens Height: 38 mm
Weight: 43 g
Lens Width: 49.2 mm
Bridge Width: 21.5 mm
Temple Length: 140 mm
Lens Height: 46 mm
Weight: 44 g
LargeLens Width: 54.5 mm
Bridge Width: 20.5 mm
Temple Length: 140 mm
Lens Height: 40.5 mm
Weight: 46 g
Lens Width: 52 mm
Bridge Width: 23.5 mm
Temple Length: 140 mm
Lens Height: 48.5 mm
Weight: 48 g

Will these become staples for gamers or provide as a solid replacement for regular glasses? We’re not sure. Would you spring for one given its tech specs and what it can do?

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