Someone Just Recreated Nuketown in Real Life for Paintball Matches

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If there’s one map that’s achieved legendary status in the Call of Duty franchise, it’s none other than Treyarch’s Nuketown. It’s cramped, it’s chaotic, and gamers love it for its “meat-grindy” feel.

It seems someone likes it a tad too much since a paintball field was recreated to be just like Nuketown! Over on Reddit, user Scoped210 says that his friend made the real life Nuketown, and it’s just crazy good. There’s even the bus and truck! Oh, there’s even a trailer for it, too!

If this real-life Nuketown is anything like the ones in the games, then prepare for lots of sudden deaths, backstabbing and grenade spam. I kid! OK, maybe not about the grenade spam thing.

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