Recent Diablo 3 ‘Pet’ Changes Intentional, Won’t Be Nerfed

Following up from yesterday’s Diablo 3 2.0.4 patch, Blizzard announces a few unlisted tweaks that affect pet classes like the Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Wizard.

Player have been noticing a major buff in the critical hit damage pets can sometimes dish out. Prior to today, however, it wasn’t clear if it was an intended tweak, or a bug.

“This is indeed an intended change, and the amount of benefit provided to pets does not have a cap,” Blizzard community manager “Vealistis” said.

“Critical Hit Damage now scales for all pets, from Witch Doctors to Demon Hunters. This actually also includes stationary pets, such as Sentries and Hydras.”

“Apologies for the delay in communication on this one,” Vealistis added. “But we always want to be sure the information we’re providing is full and accurate, and it took me some time to check with all the appropriate folks that this was an actual change and not a bug. We’ll be updating the patch notes to reflect this information as well.

Those who haven’t tried playing as the Witch Doctor or any class that’s capable of summoning pets like the Demon Hunter’s Sentry or the Wizard’s Hydra, you can check out the video below to see how devastating they are now.

[youtube id=”2We0eQq_yTE?t=4m39s”]

In addition to the recent patch, Blizzard has also released a hot fix that buffs the chances of getting a bonus Legendary item from Rifts.

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