Red Dead Online Weekly Update October 13 Summary

Red Dead Online Weekly Update October 13

Rockstar Games has released the Red Dead Online weekly update October 13 activities refresh. Same as before, the summary and discounts are listed below.

Red Dead Online Weekly Update October 13 Summary:

  • New locations for Shootouts are debuting in this week’s Featured Series, including Free for all and team variations in BlackwaterBolger GladeSaint DenisTumbleweed, and The Manor
  • Rewards for all players that play between today and October 19th: 5 Blending Tonics and 50 rounds of Nitro Express Ammo
  • New Discounts: 50% off Baits, and 40% off all Shotguns and the Elephant Rifle
  • A Reward for a free Off-Hand Holster (Rank 70 and below) will be given to players that Hunt or Sedate the Legendary Ruddy Moose
  • New Coat and boosted Bear Pelt sales at Gus’ Store: Delivering the Legendary Ruddy Moose pelt to Gus will unlock its Coat for purchase, at the same time Gus is offering 50% extra on all Bear Pelts sold to him
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: A free Katata Coat, 6,000 Naturalist XP, a free Wilderness Camp, and 5 free Legendary Animal Pheromones for players that connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming
  • Additional Prime Gaming Benefits: A free Bar Theme and Outfit, Accessory or Emote, plus 6,000 Club XP, 10X each of Gin, Brandy, Rum, Baked Beans and Jolly Jack’s
  • And a new Legendary Animal Sighting Mission featuring the Legendary Ruddy Moose, last seen around the Tall Trees area, is now available for Naturalists to start at Harriet’s Shop
  • Plus rewards for Outlaw Pass No. 3 owners: 10 Special Health Cures, 5 pieces of Lost Jewelry and 200 rounds of Sedative Ammo, plus those who have gotten past Rank 50 in the Outlaw Pass No. 3 will receive a colorway of the Griffith Chaps and the Caffyns Hat

The Outlaw Pass closes soon as well.


This is the final week for the latest iteration of the Wheeler Rawson & Co. Club and The Outlaw Pass No. 3, so if you have been eyeing that Golden Spirit Buckle or the Bandit Mask, now through October 19th is your chance to earn them.

As an added bonus, all Outlaw Pass No. 3 owners will receive 10 Special Health Cures, 5 pieces of Lost Jewelry and 200 rounds of Sedative Ammo this week, while those who made it past Rank 50 will receive a select colorway version of the Griffith Chaps and the Caffyns Hat.

If you play GTA Online, head no to the site this Thursday.

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