Red Faction Collection Heading To PC And PlayStation 3

With Nordic Games acquiring a few of the now defunct THQ IPs such as Dark Siders and Red Faction, gamers on the PC and PlayStation 3 can look forward to re-playing the Red Faction franchise with the upcoming Red Faction Collection.

Discovered by Joystiq, among the titles included in the Red Faction Collection is the original title that started it all, which will be making its debut on the PlayStation 3 platform.

Also included in the collection is Red Faction: Armageddon and Red Faction: Guerrilla, as well as the Path of War DLC. Unfortunately, those who plan on purchasing the Red Faction collection on the PlayStation 3 will miss out on Red Faction 2, as it appears to be PC-exclusive.

If you’re wondering  why the collection won’t be arriving on the Xbox 360, Eurogamer reports that it’s due to it not complying to Microsoft’s guidelines.

At the moment, there’s no set release date for the Red Faction Collection, aside from launching in Q2 of 2014. However, when it does release, it’ll be available for $24.99 USD.

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