[REDACTED]: Absolutely Games & Team17 Release Mysterious Game Teaser; More Details May 31


Absolutely Games and Team17 have released a cryptic teaser for a game currently known only as [REDACTED]. The teaser features World War-era soldiers carting off the dead, while a somber narration hints at supernatural elements. Morse code in the YouTube description as well as on the game site reads “31 May 2023” in plaintext, which is likely the date for the formal reveal. The developer’s Twitter calls the game “a historical strategy experience coming to PC and console.”

Watch the [REDACTED] teaser below:

[REDACTED] (which appears to be a working title] will be Absolutely Games’ first game, and appears to feature a story of supernatural terrors haunting the battlefields of a World War. Based on the teaser, it is likely that an outnumbered force will be utilizing such powers against an overwhelming enemy. The press release revealed the following redacted information:

While the press release does not reveal any particular information about the game, it does confirm that a release date for the game has already been decided, meaning that the game is quite far along in development. The Absolutely Games Twitter calls [REDACTED] a “historical strategy experience coming to PC and console.” The YouTube description for the video as well as Absolutely Games’ website reads “…– .—- … – / — .- -.– / ..— —– ..— …–” which is Morse code for “31st May 2023.” It’s likely that a formal reveal for the game will take place on this date as opposed to its release.

The website also reads:

“Strike when they least expect. Be an army of shadows.”

Stay tuned here at MP1st for all upcoming news and announcements about [REDACTED].

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