Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.14 June 4 Brings Swamps of Corsus & More

remant from the ashes update 1.14 june 4

Survivors, a massive new update is out now for Remnant From the Ashes! The Swamps of Corsus DLC is live now on platforms, and console players will see this as the Remnant From the Ashes update 1.14 June 4 patch.

Aside from the new adventure mode content, Survival is also introduced, as well as changes to enemy AI and more. Read on for the full Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.14 June 4 patch notes.

Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.14 June 4 patch notes:


Corsus Adventure Mode (DLC)

We’ve created a new Corsus biome unique to Adventure that revamps how you play the Swamps. This new Adventure is built separately from the Campaign Corsus and functions more like the other larger biomes of Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha. There’s lots to explore and plenty of secrets to discover! The size of the Corsus Adventure does not impact the size/length of the Campaign experience.

Corsus Campaign Update

We have also updated the Campaign Corsus by injecting new content (dungeons, enemies, bosses, and rewards) as well as given an old (rather large) friend an update! This keeps Corsus in Campaign the same size but refreshes it with a few new experiences. This is not part of the paid DLC, it’s completely free!

New Game Mode: Survival (DLC)

We’ve added an entirely new way to play Remnant. It’s called Survival Mode!

Players arrive in the Labyrinth surrounded by mysterious Obelisk Vendors and a Corrupted World Stone in the center. You have nothing but a Pistol, a handful of a Scrap, and a will to live. Spend what you can at the Obelisks and then head through the World Stone to a random biome. Explore, Collect Gear to fill out your loadout, collect Survival Trait Tomes for stackable stat increases, and fight your way through each biome until you defeat the boss. Only then you can return to the Labyrinth to spend your hard-earned Scrap on Gear, Dragon Heart Upgrades, and Consumables.

Gear Obelisks (Purple) have a random inventory which refreshes every time you return to the Labyrinth, and the Upgrade (Orange) and Consumable (Green) Obelisks have ramping costs. Chests always guarantee a Purple Gear Item as well as a chance for a Survival Trait, Ammo, and extra Scrap. Elites and Special Enemies have a chance to drop Dragon Heart charges, Survival Traits, and Ammo. Killing Bosses automatically drops their Mods and Boss Weapons, but also cuts a chunk off the clock! Killing at least one boss grants a significant starting Scrap bonus upon returning. Killing multiple bosses in the same run awards a smaller Scrap bonus for each additional kill beyond the first.

There is no crafting in Survival. Players level up through EXP and gain Damage, Health, and Stamina automatically. The world automatically levels up over time so don’t take too long or the difficulty will become extremely oppressive! Time is against you… but don’t worry, the timer pauses in the Labyrinth on Normal and Hard difficulties!

Survival Mode is fully playable solo or in multiplayer, however, multiplayer comes with some special rules. Gear is NOT shared in Survival co-op. Players that pick up an item will be the only one to get that item, and their teammates will get a Scrap value from it instead. You will need to coordinate with your teammates to ensure that the whole team can get outfitted, otherwise, failure is imminent!

Of course, we didn’t forget about rewards! We’ve created 5 unique account-bound rewards for Survival Mode. Unlock them, then enjoy using them on any new character (outside of Survival Mode), including Hardcore! Plus, for every boss you kill, you will earn Glowing Fragments – a new currency for unlocking Armor Skins. The more World Bosses you kill, the larger your Glowing Fragment bonus will be!

Good luck. You’ll need it.

New Difficulty: Apocalypse

Added Apocalypse Difficulty for all modes of play

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Someone on the internet said that Nightmare Difficulty was too easy. Well then… enjoy the Apocalypse. This difficulty can also be selected in Survival Mode.

Campaign /Adventure Difficulty Reward Adjustments

Increased Lumenite rewards for Boss Kills on Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse

Increased Scrap bonus for Hard, NM, and Apocalypse

Added small chance for Simulacrum reward for World Bosses on Nightmare and Apocalypse

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Players wanted additional reasons to play on more challenging difficulties, so we also increased the Lumenite rewards for killing bosses. We also adjusted the amount of Scrap you get. However, keep in mind that Survival has its own rules!

Armor Skins (DLC)

Armor Skins added to the game

New NPC “Whispers” added to Ward 13

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A new vendor – Whispers – has arrived in Ward 13. He trades Armor Skins for Glowing Fragments. Glowing Fragments can be obtained in Survival Mode from Boss Kills and sometimes even Elites and Special enemies! They can also be obtained from Boss Kills in Campaign on Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse difficulties. The harder the difficulty, the more Glowing Fragments you can earn! Some skins can be purchased without DLC!

Bad Luck Protection

Added Bad Luck Protection to reduce streaks of similar quests/items/tile-sets

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We’ve noticed many players have had runs of “bad luck” when looking for certain quests and items. While we do like some randomness, we feel that it may have been a bit extreme for some players, so we decided to do something about it! Each time a player gains a quest/item/tile-set, the chance they get that quest again is reduced (or conversely, the chance they see something new is increased). This should smooth out adventures across the board!

Auto-Equipping Mods

Added Mod Auto-Equipping when slot is empty

DEVELOPER COMMENT: When players start a fresh character or are in Survival and kill a Boss, many of them forget they’ve attained a new Weapon Mod. If there is slot available, Mods will auto-equip.



Reduced chances of dying when using a teleporter

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Going through a Teleporter sometimes causes instant death. We investigated this and have hopefully reduced the chances of this happening. However, since it is a rare occurrence, we are looking into any other cause that may be generating damage with the goal of preventing this from happening ever again!

Rhom Fire

Allowed Rhom Sun Gate Fire to be rolled off and cured by Revive and World Stone

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Sometimes when exiting certain dungeons in Rhom, players might get the Sun Gate Fire applied to them. We are still looking into the cause of this, but we made sure that players can now “roll” off the Fire Debuff when they are able to roll, and both being Revived or touching World Stone will cure it.

Sweet Menu Updates

New Mode Selection and Difficulty Banners to make things look pretty!

Trait Toast Updates

Fixed an issue where Trait Toasts (+1 TRAIT!) wouldn’t appear for Hosts & Clients

Force Feedback / Controller Vibration

We did a complete Force Feedback Pass for all systems. For consistency and feel! This includes anything that previously had Force Feedback as well as things that did not have proper implementation.

Audio Input

Added option for Audio Input Device Selection for PC


Continued to better optimize performance on all platforms

General Description Text

Adjusted numerous text entries for clarity (Weapons, Gear Items, Mods, Traits, etc)


General Enemy Resistances Update

Reduced most enemy resistances

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Many enemies had significant resistances to their element type which we do like, but we felt the values were too high on some enemies. We’ve reduced it enough so that many more weapons can be used in more places, but you’ll still have a noticeable penalty when using elements against enemies that also use the same type. Certain enemies that were immune to their status type before are still immune.

General Enemy AOE

Adjusted many AOE’s to allow dodging (some were unable to be i-Framed / Dodged)

Fixed an issue causing some AOE falloff damage to be incorrect (both player and enemies)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Certain AOE’s were unavoidable with i-Frames (Dodge). We did a pass to fix this on as many AOE’s we could find that did not allow proper evasion gameplay! Also fixed an issue that caused certain AOE falloff damage to be reversed for both enemies and players.

General Ranged Characters

Increased initial target acquisition time on all Ranged Soldier enemies

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A lot of ranged enemies could acquire their target and immediately shoot which often led to frustrating “where did that come from?!” moments. We fixed these.

General Enemy Damage Types

Updated all improperly implemented damage types for a variety of enemy attacks

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some enemy attacks were labeled improperly which prevented defenses from working appropriately. For example: Stormcaller’s lighting bolts were dealing “Melee” and now deal “AOE_Shock”. Wasteland Cyclops was dealing “Ranged” instead of “Ranged Radiation”. We did a full pass to ensure these were updated so that the appropriate defenses were effective.

Root Cultist

Increased Health for certain difficulties

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This guy became a bit of a pushover on harder difficulties. We adjusted the value of his total HP to make him slightly more challenging. Slightly…

Wasteland Skulls

Lowered health bar to be more visible when close to player

DEVELOPER COMMENT: At certain ranges, it became hard to determine how much health was remaining on Skull type enemies. We lowered this to improve it a bit, though at some ranges it will eventually become an issue. BACK UP!

Swamp Zombie

Reduced HP from 150 to 95

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The first part of Corsus is one of the hardest areas in the game. This is partially due to the enemy variety and partially due to the Zombies having a tad too much health. It wouldn’t normally be an issue, but a certain Elite can summon them, and they also come alive after killing the Soldiers. A slight adjustment makes them a little bit more manageable.

Swamp Zombie Crawler

Reduced HP from 100 to 70

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This goes along with Swamp Zombie. A few less HP to lessen the load.

Swamp Relentless

Increased size of head target when downed/regenerating

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Often when you would down a Relentless and try to shoot the head, you’d get the “resist” message We increased the size of the damageable area to clean this up.

Swamp Hound

Reduced Damage of Emerge Attack

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Swamp Hound’s Emerge Attack was doing too much damage. We reduced this to make it feel a bit more fair.

Pan Immolator

Reduced the size of AOE blast from 2.5m to 1.75m to better match the VFX

Prevented AOE from hitting through collision

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Immolator AOE felt “cheap” when hitting through certain collision as well as connecting outside of the VFX range. Adjusted it so neither happen!

Pan Thundertusk

Enabled Evasion of Self-Detonation

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This fixes an annoying issue that prevented players from i-Framing (Dodging) the Tundertusk’s self-detonation effect.



Adjusted adds spawn behavior to appear after Gorefist enables his Mantle of Thorns effect

Adjusted total spawn behavior (instead of 2-3, he now spawns 2 initially, then 2 after a delay)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To reduce the RNG factor of this fight, the Root Spores only appear after Gorefist activates his Mantle of Thorns. We also removed the variance between the 2-3 spawns and forced 2, then a delay, then 2 more.


Adjusted Scald’s behavior to prefer to be a bit closer to the player(s)

Fixed an issue that prevented dodging Sear & Scalds AOE blast and avoiding “Burning”

Reduced Scald’s Crossbow Projectile damage by 80%

Adjusted AOE radius from 2.5m to 1.75m to better match the VFX

Prevented Scald’s AOE from hitting through collision

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We fixed quite a few issues that were causing tons of headaches. Some were bugs, some were elements that were a bit over-tuned. This fight should now feel more fair.


Adjusted add spawning behavior to reduce total amount of unique enemies at any one time

Added AOE damage falloff to Lighting Strikes

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Stormcaller spawned quite a few enemies which frequently resulted in scenarios where the player just got overwhelmed. We adjusted the spawn behavior to address this while maintaining a fair challenge. His bolts were also doing full damage at max range, so we added AOE falloff to lower the damage if you happen to be just inside the damage range.


Removed Elite spawn that had a random chance to spawn

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Randomly during the fight an Elite enemy had a chance to spawn in place of a regular soldier-type enemy. We removed it so that there wasn’t such a huge difference in difficulty between fights that spawned the Elite and fights that did not.


Can no longer receive Regenerator

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Regenerating bosses that run away are no fun!


Adjusted the Shield health value to be breakable at all difficulty levels

Added faster Radiation accrual for players standing inside the Shield

Adjusted EXP reward to match other mini-boss rewards

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Shade/Shatter Shield received a huge HP spike on higher difficulties. We made sure this is easier to break. Additionally, we made it riskier to simply stand inside the shield. Other than that, a very minor fix for an issue that was awarding the wrong EXP/Scrap values.


Can no longer receive Regenerator

Decreased the swing time of his post-teleport swipe attack

Reduced the AOE size of his teleport explosion to better match the VFX

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause him to remain invisible for clients

Changed behavior so that he no longer constantly teleports during add phase

Changed his aggression level and attack pattern when low health

Changed add spawning behavior

Adjusted EXP and Scrap reward to match other mini-boss rewards

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Cleaned up Onslaught’s behavior a bit and removed the chance to spawn with Regenerator. Onslaught should no longer teleport in place over and over, but he may also have a few new tricks up his sleeve.


Increased penalty of being direct hit by Fireball from 1 to 3 Burning stacks

Fixed an issue that applied Burning even when evading the Fireball attack

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since Burning has updated, Singe received a slight buff assuming players were hit by his Fireball. However, even though players could dodge the impact, it would still set players on fire which meant it became much more punishing. We fixed that error.


Adjusted add spawns for SP and MP

DEVELOPER COMMENT: There was a large variance in adds during this fight in both SP and MP. We adjusted this slightly to make it more consistent across all scenarios.

The Unclean One

Removed Weakspot on head and replaced it with armor

Reduced overall health to compensate for removal of head Weakspot

Added Alternate Kill. GOOD LUCK!

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Unclean One has learned to protect his face but he has yet to find a way to cover his cheeks. Oh, and he now has his alternate kill… if you can figure it out… and survive it. SLAM!


Wisps will now break on Flicker Cloak instead of waiting until it breaks

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Small bug fix that caused a bit of frustration!


Fixed a bug that would grant both kill variant rewards

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This one is straightforward. Depending on how this Boss was killed, sometimes it would reward both rewards.


Reduced width of Dreamer Ranged Slam Attack

Fixed an issue with both Dreamer Spin Attacks that caused it to do inconsistent damage

Nightmare now summons all players in co-op to the Nightmare Realm

Reduced the health buff in co-op per additional player from 0.85 to 0.6

Removed “Resist” text when shooting non-Weakspots while under effects of the Nightmare Buff

Fixed an issue with adds not spawning in Dreamer phase

Fixed an issue with MODS not being usable during the fight

Added Lumenite to quest reward table

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Dreamer fight has gone through a few updates since we launched. We wanted to ensure that the multiplayer experience was more interactive, so we decided to have Nightmare summon all co-op players into his Nightmare Realm. Since all players can now get the damage buff at the same time (but must earn their own stacks individually) we have adjusted the total amount of damage required to break the Dreamer out of the Nightmare shell. We also fixed a few annoying bugs, including MODS not being usable some of the time and adjusted both Dreamer Spin Attacks so that they deal more consistent damage (instead of double damage sometimes).


Melee Update

Increased base Melee Damage by 50%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Due to lots of community feedback and even more internal testing, we decided to increase melee damage across the board. This makes melee much more effective as a “free” sidearm while still requiring risk by being in close. Along with this change, we’ve adjusted many melee items such as damage boosts, activation requirements, effect durations, etc.

Armor, Status Resistance, Damage Resistance Update

Adjusted Armor Values, Status Resistance Values, and Damage Resistances

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the melee update and the new difficulty, we determined that we were granting far too much total resistance across the board. Since we originally balanced Nightmare difficulty against the players having certain number of specific Traits, the incoming damage spiked. To add to the problem, some armors also granted considerable boosts to Status Resistances and, when combined with Traits like Mother’s Blessing, Guardian’s Blessing, and Keeper’s Blessing, the overall damage discrepancy between the “haves” and “have not” armors became too great.

To address this, we made some changes across the board that should help smooth out the differences between Light, Medium, Heavy, and Ultra Heavy armors. This should allow players much more freedom to use the armors they enjoy as well enable better mix/matching. These changes also come with difficulty tuning balances reduced incoming dmg, etc) to offset the reduction to resistances.

Mod Power Buildup

Mod Damage no longer generates Mod Power

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since Mod Damage used to generate Mod Power, there were many cases where the player turned into a “magic turret” that constantly spit out Mods over and over due to the constant refill. We removed this functionality but also adjusted (reduced in many cases) the Power Requirement for many mods to compensate


Fixed issue where player could not vault out of roll (would just roll again)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: One of the most frustrating issues with vaulting happened when the player rolled towards a vaultable object but could not cancel into a vault at the end. This resulted in the player rolling over and over. We fixed this. PARKOUR!!!

Dragon Heart

Adjusted Dragon Heart activation time 2f earlier

Fixed a bug preventing Dragon Hearts from being used during recovery frames of Evades

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The frame change was meant to help better sync the actual activation with the animation. Players also couldn’t cast Dragon Hearts during the recovery of Evades unless they canceled into Move or Aim. We fixed this so Dragon Hearts are more responsive post-Evade.


Fixed a bug preventing Consumables from being used during recovery frames of Evades

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Like with Dragon Hearts, players could not cast Consumables during the recovery of Evades. We fixed this one too!

Friendly Fire Damage

Increased Friendly Fire Damage on Hard from 25% to 50%

Increased Friendly Fire Damage on Nightmare from 25% to 75%

Set Friendly Fire Damage on Apocalypse to 100%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To better facilitate cooperation and team awareness on more challenging difficulties, we increased the friendly fire damage. On Hard, accidents and wild sprays are noticeable but very manageable. However, on Nightmare and Apocalypse, you run the risk of downing your own teammate if you are not careful and coordinated. Keep in mind that Friendly Fire Damage is still reduced by armor and damage reduction effects. These changes coincide with the increased reward update.

Advanced Stats: General

Adjusted advanced stats so they can properly show negative effects as well

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Basically, we fixed an issue that prevented the proper updating of stats that were receiving negative effects. They should be a bit more accurate.

Advanced Stats: Mod Power

Added Mod Power to advanced stats

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since we have more Mod Power Damage bonuses, we figured that players would like to see how much of a bonus they were receiving.

Area of Effect(s)

Fixed an issue causing some AOE falloff damage to be incorrect (both player and enemies)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The core blast radiuses weren’t functioning as we intended. AOE blasts were intended to have a core blast radius where max damage is dealt and then fall off (ramp down) outside of this range. We adjusted these curves to work as intended.

Damage Types

Properly split damage types among Ranged, Melee, and Mod behind the scenes

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some gear items were using DamageMod to increase all damage. In order to better accommodate buffs, we split them into 3 separate categories so that these items gave specific buffs (listed in their text) so there would be no confusion. There should be no impact on the user experience, but we listed it here for completeness.

Mod Damage Types

Changed Mods to deal either Mod or Elemental Damage

Removed “Ranged” and “Melee” damage type from certain Mods

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some damage sources were marked as both ranged damage or melee damage which ended up massively increasing damage when both a ranged + mod damage increase was applied, or melee + mod damage was applied. However, before this patch, there were no cases of this being exploited. In the current patch, because we have more “Increases Mod Damage” options, we noticed the issue and had to fix it before it got out of hand.

Burning / Bleeding Effects

All weapons and mods that add Burning / Bleeding can stack 3x total

Changed visualization of status effects on enemies (colors, stack value, time remaining)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Our DOT effects weren’t as clear as we wanted it to be considering some weapons could stack them and others could not. We changed it so that now all weapons and mods that apply a specific DOT apply the same effect which can stack 3x. This means that an enemy can have a maximum of 3 stacks from any source. For example: 1 stack with Charge Attack from Smolder, 1 stack from a proc on Hotshot, and 1 stack from exploding a Pod on Earth. We also implemented the visible stack count and a draining timer effect on each status effect!

Ping System

Reduced the co-op indicator duration (next to health bar) from 30s to 10s

Increased the Default Ping Duration from 3s to 7s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We found that 30s was far too long for the help indicator icon next to the player health bar. Often players would see a ping indicator that was 20 seconds old so it wasn’t as helpful… so we reduced it. We also realized the 3s default was too short, so we increased it!



Adjusted aim speed scalar and zoom-in time for scoped weapons to ensure similar behavior

Adjusted Aiming Side Switch Delay from 0.2s to 0.1s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The zoom-in behavior between different scoped weapons was inconsistent so we made a few minor adjustments to get them closer together. We also reduced the side-switch delay after aiming to make it feel more responsive while still limiting accidental switches.

Melee Critical Chance

Adjusted the base critical chance for different weapon types (Sword/Spear 10%, Scythe 15%)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To give a bit more personality to each weapon type, we adjusted the base critical rate for Swords, Spears, and Scythes. Hammers and Axes remain the same.

Repeater Pistol

Adjusted fire rate from 6.5 to 7.0

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We adjusted the fire rate to make repeated shots feel a more responsive. When fired back to back to back, it is a very slight DPS increase and doesn’t feel like it “hangs”.

Magnum Revolver

Reduced post-fire Spread from 6.0 to 4.0

Increased Recoil Recovery from 0.4s to 0.2s

Increased damage from 63 to 65

Increased reload speed by 25%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 50m to 45m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Revolver has always been a powerful handgun, but it suffered from being a bit over-tuned with recoil and responsiveness (originally to give it that super punchy KICK). We reduced the post-firing spread and increased the spread recovery so that it’s easier to line up your next target. We also gave it a considerable reload speed increase along with a miniscule damage increase.

Submachine Gun

Added minor amount of Weapon Sway after a 1s delay

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is just for consistency across all weapons.

Hunting Pistol

Increased Weakspot modifier from +110% to +120%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Minor adjustments to the sound profile and the Weakspot Modifier. Nothing to write home about as this is already a fan favorite… we just wanted to polish it up a tiny bit more.

Hunting Rifle

Increased fire rate from 1.8 to 1.9

Increased Weakspot modifier from +105% to +110%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Hunting Rifle has always been our gold standard in regard to balance. The fire rate change is to reduce the lag feeling when firing shots back to back at base fire-rate speed. The Weakspot Modifier was increased slightly, and the sound profile was reduced by a small amount. Overall, it is the same weapon with an extra bit of polish.


Increased reload speed by 10%

Increased fire-rate by 10%

Adjusted female fire animation to no longer distort while aiming up/down

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Slight DPS increase on an already beast of a weapon. The huge range penalty of the Shotgun often got in the way of players using this at higher levels. We kept the penalty but made the weapon a bit more responsive for in-close play.


Reloads both shells in one motion

Decreased reload speed by 5% (overall still faster due to single reload)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Reload end sound no longer plays twice.

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since the Coachgun only has 2 shots then must reload, we wanted to smooth out the experience so that it was still desirable at any level of play. The main purpose of this change was to ensure both shells are reloaded when starting the reload and then evading (instead of cutting 1 shell off). This is a quality of life change but also a very slight buff even with the slightly slower reload time.

Assault Rifle

Increased fire rate from 7.0 to 7.3

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is simply a fine-tuning balance change meant to bring up the overall DPS of the AR about 3-5 total. Otherwise, we feel this weapon is in a great spot.

Chicago Typewriter

Reduced Stationary Initial Spread from 3.4 to 3.2

Reduced Moving Initial Spread from 3.5 to 3.4

Reduced Stationary Min Spread (after firing) from 0.8 to 0.65 (reticle gets tighter at max firing)

Reduced Moving Min Spread (after firing) from 0.85 to 0.8 (reticle gets tighter at max firing)

Reduced fire rate from 9.2 to 8.8

Increased reload speed by 13%

Increased Firing Sound Radius from 35m to 40m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: After our last patch, we made the Typewriter much more useful in close. We found the reload speed was a tad slow while the sustain DPS (all rounds) was slightly too high. We adjusted both which results in slightly lower burst DPS but higher overall DPS due to the faster reload.

Sniper Rifle

Increased Weakspot modifier from +115% to +120%

No-Scope Accuracy is now pin-point accurate

Changed No-Scope reticle to better represent the shot type

Reduced Bullet magnetism in no-scope by 20%

Reduced Scope magnification from 5x to 4x

Decreased the post-firing delay before reloading

Increased Firing Sound from 20m to 45m

Removed an extra reload sound playing on Reload Start

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We felt the Sniper Rifle was a bit unruly to use out of scope mode and also zoomed a tad too far in many other cases. We’ve now made it incredibly useful in both modes but reduced the bullet magnetism (which exists on both PC and Console) when not scoped. We’ve also made it a bit more responsive post-fire but increased the sound profile to avoid the extreme long-range exploiting of enemies.


Adjusted post-firing lag before reloading (more responsive)

Increased fire rate slightly

Reduced reload speed by 15% to compensate for reduced post-firing lag and increased fire-rate

Increased Weakspot modifier from +100% to +110%

Reduced Ideal Range from 30m to 18m

Adjusted Primary Falloff Range to from 50 to 42m

Increased Secondary Falloff Range from 60m to 70m

Increased projectile size from 3cm to 4.5cm to make it slightly easier to hit targets

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 15m (firing won’t alert unaware enemies > 15m if you miss)

Killing unaware enemies in 1-shot from beyond 15m won’t alert others if they are > 3.5m away

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To better give the Crossbow a more unique theme, we’ve adjusted it so that it can be used in a stealthy matter. It no longer alerts enemies outside of 15m when fired unless you hit an enemy and they do not die. However, if you 1-shot an enemy, it will not alert any friends unless there was one within 3.5m range. With this change, we adjusted the Ideal and Falloff ranges to compensate for the updated functionality (basically to keep it fair).

Ricochet Rifle

Removed projectile lifespan and instead added 4 total bounces (5 possible targets)

After all total bounces have occurred, projectile will immediately despawn

Reduced initial damage from 100 to 80 (but can hit for over 200 total)

Reduced capacity from 28 to 22

Increased Weakspot modifier from +100% to +120%

2nd bounce scales to 50% of base damage.

All remaining bounces scale to 85% of previous damage (i.e. 80, 40, 34, 29, 23 = 206)

After initial bounce (including geometry), will smart-pick another target within 10m

Capped vertical bounce range to 10 degrees when there is no bounce target within 10m

After initial enemy bounce, projectile slows slightly (so you can enjoy the ricochets!)

Reduced base Critical Chance from 20% to 5% to compensate for 4 “guaranteed” bounces

Changed reticle to better represent the shot type

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 30m to 25m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Ricochet Rifle has always been a fun concept but was never fully realized. We changed the behavior to be more interesting and to better represent the original idea. Basically, it ricochets like it should and it smart picks targets within a range, however, players are still incentivized to aim the first shot for the sweet Weakspot Modifier.

Beam Rifle

Increased Weapon Capacity from 30 to 50

Increased Total Capacity from 180 to 200

Increased base damage from 13 to 20

Reduced fire rate from 5 to 4 (to compensate for base damage increase)

Reduced Ramp Up Increment from 0.4 to 0.3

Reduced Ideal Range from 20m to 15m

Adjusted Primary Falloff Range to match original values (40m)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With a low capacity, the Beam Rifle’s slow reload time ended up being less effective on trash mobs. We wanted to ensure it was still useful against these types of enemies, so we increased the base damage as well as increased the total weapon capacity. This has the effect of killing weaker enemies more quickly and not needing to reload quite as often. The total DPS when sustained also goes up so the Beam Rifle remains effective against bosses.


Increased fire-rate from 8.5 to 9.3

Increased weapon capacity from 24 to 26

Increased total capacity from 144 to 156

Reduced Horizontal and Vertical Recoil

Reduced initial Reticle Size

Reduced spread per shot

Reduced reload speed by 13%

Added minor amount of Weapon Sway after a 1s delay

Flamethrower (MOD)

Reduced power requirement from 30 to 24

Increased total charges from 25 to 50

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 30m to 10m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Spitfire has always been another fan-favorite but usually lost out to the SMG in overall versatility. To combat this, we increased the fire rate, slightly increased the weapon capacity, and increased total capacity. We also made it much more stable when firing (easier to control) and but slightly slower to reload. For the Flamethrower Mod, we reduced the mod power build-up to only require 2 shots instead of 3 and doubled the total amount of charges it can hold. We also made it much less likely to alert other enemies in the area (until they are on fire and screaming for help!).


Increased reload speed by 15%

Increased impact scalar from 1.0 to 1.1

Reduced impact level against players by 1 (less staggering teammates)

Spore Shot (MOD)

Increased Power Requirement from 450 to 500

Reduced Max Charges from 3 to 2

Reduced projectile damage from 100 to 25

Reduced AOE damage from 50 to 25

Increased DOT from 8 to 12

DOT AOE slows all non-boss and non-worldboss enemies

DEVELOPER COMMENT: One of the hardest hitting weapons in the game, the Sporebloom suffers from having to reload after every shot. While the sustain DPS has always been relatively solid, needing to reload between every shot makes it hard to use effectively outside of certain fights. We adjusted the reload speed and increased the impact scalar to give it a bit more kick more often. We lowered the raw AOE burst of the Spore Shot but boosted the DOT damage. This separates the mod functionality from Explosive Shot. In addition, the Spore Shot mod now slows all non-boss enemies which makes more likely to eat all (or most) of the DOT damage (and plenty of full Sporebloom shots!).


Increased ideal range from 12.5m to 13m

Reduced Spread from 1.5 to 1.35

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Radioactive Volley (MOD)

Reduced Power Requirement from 300 to 250

Reduced Charges from 5 to 3

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With 5 shots, Radioactive Volley burst was the highest DPS in the game. We wanted to keep the low power requirement and multiple shot gameplay but reduce just saving up 5 charges to dump into a boss all at once. To achieve this, we reduced the total charge count by 2 but also lowered the power requirement slightly. Overall, it still does incredible damage.

Particle Accelerator

Reduced base damage from 80 to 70

Reduced base reload speed by 15%

Reduced Scope magnification from 4x to 3.5x

Gravity Core (MOD)

Adjusted Gravity Core Explosion to add damage per target beyond 1, then divide total num targets

(Deals 500 base. Adds 300 per additional target. 2 enemies take 400 each, 3 take 367, 4 take 350, etc)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: From the last major patch, the Particle Accelerator ended up being THE weapon in many cases. This was due to having excellent damage and an extremely powerful mod. We’ve adjusted the base damage a bit while maintaining all other features of the primary fire. The base reload speed was also reduced slightly. For the Gravity Core mod, we’ve adjusted the behavior so that it can still destroy groups of scrub enemies but will be less-likely to 1-shot entire bosses like Riphide.


Adjusted reticle scale to 1.0 from 2.0 (bug fix)

Reduced reload speed by 5%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Undying (MOD)

Added cooldown of 5 minutes upon revive (resets upon true death or touching a World Stone)

Added cooldown icon to show remaining duration until it becomes active again

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With such great DPS going out at higher levels we noticed that it was incredibly easy to constantly recharge it every time you were raised from the dead, resulting in extremely easy no-death scenarios. The cooldown was added to prevent this. We fixed a persistent issue with the double-scale reticle. We also slowed down the reload speed by a tiny amount to slightly adjust the sustain DPS. This results in a very minor sustain DPS reduction (which has zero effect on the burst DPS).

Curse of the Jungle God

Increased fire rate from 3.5 to 4.0

Reduced damage from 28 to 25

Reduced reload speed by 13%

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 20m

Increased Tracer Speed from 16000 to 28000 to better match the hitscan

Fixed incorrect scope magnification text from 2x to 2.3x (no functionality change)

Tentacle Shot (MOD)

Increased base damage of Tentacle from 60 to 75

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 10m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to up the total burst DPS of Curse by a small amount, so we increased the fire rate and slightly lowered the damage per bullet. We also wanted to keep the sustain DPS where it was, so we lowered the reload speed by a small amount. Overall, the weapon does more burst and the same sustain DPS. For the Tentacle Shot mod, we reduced the sound profile so that firing it won’t alert other enemies outside of 10m.

Eye of the Storm

Increased Weakspot modifier from +105% to +110%

Increased Tracer Speed from 12000 to 24000 to better match the hit scan

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 30m

Static Field Shot (MOD)

Increased base projectile damage from 40 to 65

Increased explosion damage from 100 to 165

Increased dual explosion damage from 200 to 325

Fixed a bug that prevented proper damage scaling based on Weapon Level

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 20m

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A minor buff to the Weakspot modifier on primary fire while also making a couple of quality of life changes. Increased the base damage of Static Field Shot as well. Fixed the damage scaling on Static Field Shot so it gains the proper damage bonus.

Hive Cannon

Added ability to trigger “on kill” proc effects with the AOE (like Jewel of the Black Sun)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 20m

Hive Shot (MOD)

Reduced Power Requirement from 600 to 500

Reduced Base Damage Potential (1 charge) from 356 to 330 (including impact damage)

Reduced the DOT time from 22.5 seconds to 12 seconds (300 over 12s instead of 326 over 22.5s)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 15m

Adjusted the projectile collision to better match the VFX

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Hive Cannon was not triggering “on kill” effects with AOE such as Jewel of the Black Sun so we fixed it! We also wanted to make the DOT a bit more deadly so we sped up the damage dealing capacity while slightly lowering the total amount of damage it can do. We also made it require less buildup so you can fire it more frequently.


Reduced Ideal Range from 2500 to 2000

Increased Falloff Range to compensate for Ideal Range adjustment

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 17.5m

Skewer (MOD)

Reduced Total Charges from 5 to 2

Increased Power Requirement from 750 to 1000

Instantly applies 3 charges of Bleed (up from 1)

Added Ghost Reticle (red dot) when an obstacle is in the way of projectile path

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 25m

Reduced duration before projectile dissolve from 10s to 5s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the changes to stacking Bleeds, we wanted the Devastator to excel at applying them. Skewer now applies all 3 stacks at once. We reduced the total charges to 2 since you no longer need to shoot 5 times to get 5 bleeds. Super fun!


Reduced Reticle draw size to better match actual spread value (was previously too large)

Reduced Initial Spread from 6.5 to 6.0

Reduced Firing Spread increment from 0.75 to 0.65

Increased Initial Spread Decay from 1.5 to 2.0 (shrinks faster on initial aim)

Increased Firing Spread Decay from 1.2 to 1.3 (shrinks faster post-fire)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 35m

Banishing Shot (MOD)

Reduced Firing Sound Radius from 40m to 5m

Removed initial damage on Banish projectile (was 10) to allow non-aggro banishes

DEVELOPER COMMENT: For a final boss weapon, the Repulsor had some great benefits but the spread felt a little too large. We noticed a bug with the draw scale (size) of the reticle which was larger than the real spread. This was fixed, and in addition, we adjusted some of the spread and decay values to make the Repulsor a bit more impactful. For Banish, we also removed the initial 10 damage. This is so that players can banish enemies without aggroing them before they become banished. You can now banish unaware enemies and they remain unaware unless they see you once they come out of their Banish.

Guardian Axe

Changed effect to “Generates 2x Mod Power per hit” (was previously 300% pre-melee buff)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the melee damage update, the Guardian Axe effect needed to be adjusted accordingly. It now grants double the amount of Mod Power per swing.


Fixed an issue that caused basic attacks to proc Force Burst w/ Trait: Catalyst

DEVELOPER COMMENT: While the base proc chance for Worldbreaker was set to 0, having Catalyst would increase this above 0 and cause basic attacks to proc Force Burst. This ended up making the basic strikes very cumbersome as players would often knock their foes away unintentionally.

Lost Harpoon

No longer triggers Power Strike when destroying breakables



Reduced base damage slightly (after universal 50% melee increase)

Changed so that each proc applies 1 stack of new updated universal Burning effect (stacks 3x)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since we changed how Burning worked, we adjusted the base damage to compensate for the fact that Smolder can now apply up to 3 stacks. It now does much more damage overall when it applies Burning stacks on the enemy.


Reduced Lifesteal value to balance with game-wide Melee Damage increase

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since we updated Melee damage, the percent based Lifesteal values had to be reduced across the board. We also reduced them just enough so face-tanking with Juggernaut wasn’t as easy on higher difficulties (but it’s still possible, especially with new builds!). This change was also made to Leech Ember and Twisted Single Perk.

[ MODS ]

Hunter’s Mark

Reduced Power Requirement from 1000 to 500

Reduced duration from 60s to 30s

Changed buff icon

DEVELOPER COMMENT: In order to make Hunter’s Mark a bit more active and a bit more frequent, we halved the Power Requirement and the duration. It still has the same uptime if you manage it, but it’s less of a “set it and forget it” sort of mod. Use it in bursts… use it more frequently!


Reduced Power Requirement from 750 to 500

Reduced damage buff from 20% to 15%

Reduced duration from 30s to 15s

Added buff icon when active

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted Hotshot to be a bit more interactive, so we reduced the Power Requirement used to activate. We also reduced the damage buff by 5% and halved the duration. This makes it more frequent (1000 Power for 30s total instead of 1500) but lowers the damage slightly.

Wildfire Shot

Increased Power Requirement from 350 to 400

Reduced Impact Damage from 40 to 25

Single Charge instantly applies 3 stacks of Burning

Reduced Charges from 5 to 2 (deals 6 total stacks instead of 5)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the update to how Burning works, we wanted Wildfire Shot to excel at applying the Burning effect. A single charge now instantly applies 3 Burning stacks. Casting it again will refresh those stacks but will not exceed the cap of 3. Since 1 charge now equals 3 stacks of Burning, the total damage potential increased (from 1 charge 100 damage, to 1 charge 300 damage). We slightly increased the Power Requirement and reduced the Impact Damage to compensate.

Explosive Shot

Increased AOE damage from 170 to 240

Reduced Impact Damage from 130 to 25

Increased Power Requirement from 400 to 650

Reduced Charges from 5 to 3

Updated the radius text to accurately represent 4m range (was showing 3.5m – bugfix)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Explosive Shot was a tad too easy to store up all 5 charges then just unleash on a boss and decimate their health. We wanted the Mod to be a bit more interactive, so we reduced the number of charges, increased the total damage per charge, and reduced the penalty for missing a direct hit with actual projectile.


Mantle of Thorns

Increased min/max Melee Damage Reduction from 15/25 to 20/35

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since Mantle only defends against Melee Damage, we increased the defensive value a bit to help any close-range builds. Keep an eye out for ranged!

Flicker Cloak

Increased Power Requirement from 1250 to 1500

Reduced max shield percentage 150% to 100%

Reduced Duration from 60s to 10s

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flicker Cloak ended up being much stronger than we anticipated. The original design was meant to be a reactionary lifeline – ideally, shield up and then escape to heal, or to revive an ally (both while ignoring interruptions). With the massive timer length, it ended up being less interactive and an easy/permanent damage shield that more than doubled the player’s health. We reduced the max value from 150% to 100% (still 2x), increased the power requirement, and reduced the duration. We also made it uninterruptible by basic impacts so if you have health, you can always cast it.


Reduced duration from 20s to 15s

Increased Power Requirement from 500 to 750

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

Fixed a bug that set the target reacquisition to 15 instead of 20m

Fixed a bug that allowed Swarm to attack (for 0 damage) through boss doors

Fixed a bug that caused mismatched casting speeds between Male and Female animations

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Swarm has always been a beast that defied many of the traditional laws that helped us balance other Mods. It doesn’t require line of sight to retarget and can go through walls. We left this behavior but reduced the duration and increased the power requirement so that it could maintain its identity without stomping almost every other Mod.

Breath of the Desert

Reduced base damage per projectile from 30 to 25

Increased AOE damage from 20 to 25

Reduced Power Requirement from 750 to 550

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

Fixed a bug that caused mismatched casting speeds between Male and Female animations

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Breath of the Desert has been a staple Mod in every major high-end build because of how much damage it could put out in a short amount of time. We reduced the total damage per cast but also reduced the Power Requirement so you could use it a bit more frequently. It’s still a strong Mod, but this brings it a bit more in-line with other options.

Blink Token

Made more responsive (starts and recovers much faster)

Ignores basic impacts (but not damage) for 0.35s on startup

Reduced the impact level on allies by 1

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Blink Token was a fun mod but suffered from a bit of lag. We adjusted it so that it starts up and recovers much faster so that players can act sooner after arriving. It also will only flinch allies instead of impacting them to make it more useful in a crowd.

Iron Sentinel

Increased target acquisition time slightly

Will now properly receive the Elder Armor: Believer damage buff

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Originally there was no target acquisition time for Iron Sentinel which made fights with multiple low health adds mostly trivial. With our adjustment to adds across the board, we’ve implemented a slight target acquisition time so the turret cannot instantly pop between two targets. We also fixed a bug that prevented Elder Armor: Believer set bonus from working with the turrets.


Increased start-up and wind-down speed (starts and ends faster)

Enabled moving momentum on activation and deactivation (no longer roots you on start/end)

Moved up transition windows on ending state (move, aim, dodge, melee much faster)

Increased frequency of ranged lightning bolt strikes from 1 to 1.3 per sec

Increased size of AOE Damage Aura from 250 to 300

Increased frequency of AOE Damage Aura pulses from 3 per sec to 4 per sec

Decreased the stagger damage from the AOE from 4x to 2x due to increased frequency

Enabled manual cancel of Stormcaller by recasting it (consumes all remaining power)

Increased movement speed from 450 to 650

New status effects can no longer be applied to caster while Stormcaller is active

Added text to represent the 50% damage reduction while active

Added a fall damage and instakill damage check so players cannot avoid fall or “fail” death types

Changed buff icons while active

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Stormcaller has always been a power fantasy that we never quite nailed. We made significant changes to really give you the feeling that you are the Stormcaller. Increased movement, increased damage, increased AOE pulse and bolt frequency. We enabled activating it while moving so you no longer rooted yourself in place. Stormcaller can also be cancelled any time you no longer wish to be a god of lighting! Unsure why you would prefer that… but, OK!

Veil of the Black Tear

Increased Blowback (Activation) Damage from 10 to 150

Increased minimum duration from 4s to 5s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A very small buff to increase the effectiveness of the Mod at lower weapon levels. This doesn’t change the maximum duration.


Increased projectile speed from 1500 to 1800

Added target leading so Skulls can hit moving targets

DEVELOPER COMMENT: A small buff to make hitting moving targets easier.

Corrosive Aura

Increased Blowback (Activation) Damage from 10 to 150

Reduced Range from 10m to 4.5m

Adjusted VFX to match range of Aura

Reduced Damage Values from 20/40 to 15/30

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Corrosive Aura was giving such a dramatic damage increase at max weapon level that it outshined almost every other damage increasing Mod except when considering the convenience of the Song of Swords range. We reduced the range to promote being closer to enemies, which is better suited for melee, but ensured it still increased damage more than Song of Swords.

Song of Swords

Buff now applies to Summons

Increased Blowback (Activation) Damage from 10 to 150

Reduced Damage Values from 15/30 to 10/20

Increased range from 20m to 25m

Changed buff icon

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Song of Swords was giving too great a benefit for how long it was lasting so we reduced the damage buff but increased the range. While still powerful, it shouldn’t always be 100% perfect option for any damage scenario… but it fits a lot of them!

Howler’s Immunity

Updated text to reference all allies instead of all heroes (since it applies to Summons)

DEVELOPER COMMENT. Nothing to see here!


Updated text to clarify they don’t affect “powerful enemies”

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to ensure that players understood why the taunting and banish effects don’t apply to “powerful enemies” (bosses).



Updated all damage boosts from armor to be applied as multiplicative

Increased armor values for most armors (lighter armors received a larger increase)

Readjusted resistance values (plus/minus) to not be as extreme up or down

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some armors were granting their damage boosts as multiplicative and others were granting boosts as additive. Since wearing full sets of armor is the largest commitment, we wanted to ensure that the behavior was consistent among all damage boosting armor sets. We also adjusted the armor values to ensure lighter armors were still viable options on higher difficulties, as well as toning down the extremes of positive and negative resistances.


Added Adventurer Goggles! (4 Armor, 2 Weight)

Increased Chest/Leg total Armor from 20 to 27

Reduced Chest/Leg total Weight from 14 to 12

Treasure Hunter Single Perk: Increased Scrap Boost from 10% to 20%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We love the Adventurer set and wanted it to be more useful at multiple levels, even if just for the Single Perk.


Fixed a bug that allowed multi-proc on certain substances/characters

Increased total Armor from 28 to 35

Increased total Weight from 15 to 17

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Very minor tweaks. Just a tad more armor!


Opportunist Single Perk: Removed 15% Crit (which required Perfect Dodge)

Opportunity Single Perk: Added Slight Evade Window increase (2f)

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased 1-PC from 5% to 7.5%

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 10% to 15%

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 20% to 30%

Opportunist Set Bonus: Increased duration from 7s to 10s

Increased total Armor from 36 to 38

Reduced total Weight from 24 to 20

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Akari started falling behind due to always requiring a perfect dodge, even to get the single perk active. We instead decided on a static buff of iFrames to Evade Window which is more thematically cohesive with the avoidance gameplay Akari excels at. Adding 2 iFrames makes it much easier to perfect dodge and to avoid things in general. All of this coincides with a minor buff to the 1- and 2-Piece Set Bonus and a substantial increase to the 3-piece! We also reduced the Weight by a small amount to make pieces more enticing for mix/matching.


Believer Single Perk: Removed 50% ally heal on Dragon Hearts (moved to Mender’s Charm)

Believer Single Perk: Added 25% chance to not consume Dragon Heart (from Mender’s Charm)

Believer Set Bonus: Increased buff duration from 10s to 20s

Believer Set Bonus: Increased buff range from 30m to 40m

Believer Set Bonus: Properly applies to Mod: Iron Sentinel

Replaced placeholder icon with the appropriate Believer skill icon

Increased total Armor from 32 to 41

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Elder Armor often ended up being the “Multiplayer Only” Armor Set. In single player, you needed to play a Summoner to get the maximum benefit out of it, and even then, it didn’t work quite as well as we had hoped. We’ve changed it so the perk can benefit the wearer in more scenarios for both SP and MP. Players can still boost ally damage and now have a chance to not consume their Dragon Heart (Heal OR Revive), which previously required the armor and the Mender’s Charm. Also fixed a bug that prevented Iron Sentinel from receiving the damage boost.


Sharpshooter Single Perk: Removed static 15% Weakspot Damage

Sharpshooter Single Perk: Added a flat Ideal Range boost for all weapons (2m)

Sharpshooter Set Bonus: Changed Set Bonus to an always-active Weakspot Damage Boost (up to 50%)

Increased total Armor from 34 to 42

DEVELOPER COMMENT: As another of the starting archetypes, we found that players would often be slightly inside the ideal range for the damage boost and end up not getting much benefit from the armor at all. We’ve changed it so that Hunter Armor gives a slight flat range boost to all weapons (good for hitting longer distances) and moved the Weakspot Damage Boost to the set bonus. This makes the gameplay theme of the Hunter more cohesive.


Increased total Armor from 35 to 43

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Besides the general adjustments to resistances that all armor received, the Ex-Cultist Armor didn’t need many tweaks. It received a slight armor buff.


Wanderer Single Perk: Removed 50% Standing Aim Movement Speed

Wanderer Single Perk: Added 15% Stamina Regen Speed

Wanderer Set Bonus: Increased values from 10/20/35% to 15/25/40% stamina cost reduction

Increased total Armor from 47 to 52

Increased total Weight from 31 to 32

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Adjustments to make the Drifter set more thematic around Stamina consumption. Minor changes but they have a big impact, especially when mix/matching.


Assassin Set Bonus: Reduced Damage Bonus from 10/15/35% to 7.5/10/30%

Increased total Armor from 48 to 53

Increased total Weight from 32 to 34

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Slayer is one of the two most popular and powerful sets in the game (along with Void). The effect is super fun and provides an excellent damage boost, however, because the damage is so easy to access, we felt the 35% multiplicative boost was just a bit on the high side. We reduced this a small amount to bring it closer to the other armors and made a few other adjustments to Armor, Weight. It also received some small adjustments to resistances like other armors.


Bloodlust Set Bonus: Increased 1-PC from 7.5% to 10%

Bloodlust Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 15% to 20%

Bloodlust: Fixed bug of increasing all incoming DMG to target (includes all other players)

Increased total Armor from 51 to 56

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We liked where Osseous was at 3-PC bonus, but the lower level values were lacking. There was also a big jump between 2-PC and 3-PC. Since Osseous requires constant damage on the same target to get its bonus, you often don’t do any bonus damage against low level targets. By increasing the 1-PC and 2-PC we ensure that players get a little bit more damage on larger targets (like Specials, Elites, and Bosses).


Challenger Single Perk: Removed 20% Stagger Boost

Challenger Single Perk: Added 15% incoming damage reduction against enemies within 5m

Challenger Set Bonus: Increased 3-piece damage boost from 25% to 35%

Increased total Armor from 52 to 57

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The Scrapper armor is one of the starting archetype options, so we wanted the gameplay focus to be a bit more obvious. We removed the Stagger Boost and replaced with higher defense against close enemies. Since the Scrapper relies on risky gameplay to get the maximum benefit, we increased the 3-piece benefit to make the risk worth it and comparable to other armors.


Regrowth Single Perk: Reduced Lifesteal value from 3% to 2.5%

Regrowth Set Bonus: Increased 1-PC from 0.28 to 0.304 HP per sec

Regrowth Set Bonus: Increased 2-PC from 0.333 to 0.375 HP per sec

Regrowth Set Bonus: Increased 3-PC from 0.417 to 0.56 HP per sec

Increased total Armor from 63 to 67

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Like the Riven adjustment, the reduction of Lifesteal coincides with the game-wise Melee buff. This change was also made to Leech Ember and Twisted Single Perk. We also increased the base regen value to give this armor a much-needed kick!


Momentum Set Bonus: Increased buff duration from 2.0s to 2.5s

Increased total Armor from 60 to 69

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This set didn’t need a lot of work. With the updates to all the other armors, Radiant was falling just a tad behind so we increased the buff duration to make it more reliable.


Power Transfer Single Perk: Removed Slight Evade Window

Power Transfer Single Perk: Added 30% Standing Aim Movement Speed

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Increased stacks from 3 to 5

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Reduced from 2.5%, 5.0%, 10.0% (max 30%) to 1.5%, 3%, and 5% (max 25%)

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Changed icons for Damage and Defensive buff to be more clear

Power Transfer Set Bonus: Can no longer be triggered by DOTS

Increased total Armor from 69 to 70 (MASSIVE BUFF!!!)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Void has quickly become the best-in-slot armor for almost every scenario. With both a 30% damage boost and 30% damage reduction, it just did too much too well. We reduced the values by 5% and increased the stack count to 5 so that the transfer switch takes a bit longer in both directions. When you aren’t taking damage back to back, you stay in damage mode longer (originally at 30%, you’d lose 10%, then 10%, then 10%, and so on – now you start at 25%, lose 5%, then another 5%, etc…). If you take repeated damage too quickly, you now stay in defensive mode a bit longer. We also removed the iFrame buff on Evade and replaced it with a Standing Aim Movement Speed increase. This is more thematically correct as you typically don’t want to dodge with Void (HEAVY!). Additionally, we removed DOTS from activating Power Transfer as players were unable to control the drastic shift in offense to defense when affected with debuffs such as Burning or Bleeding.


Juggernaut Single Perk: Increased Damage Mod from 5% to 15%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: While Leto had some serious tanking potential, it often suffered from doing any real damage since it was giving so much up for stagger reduction. We increased the damage boost significantly and reduced the elemental and status resistances by a decent amount.


Gunslinger’s Charm

Increased Fire Rate from 10% to 15%

Reduced Reload Speed from 25% to 20%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Reload speeds were getting a bit out of hand and the Fire Rate buff wasn’t giving comparable damage to other DPS necks so we made a couple of tweaks to fix both issues!

Butcher’s Fetish

Changed activation from Melee Crit to Melee Charge Attack

Added 15% Crit Chance (lasts 10s)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the buffing of melee across the board, and the fact that players can now access the Butcher’s Fetish buff anytime with a Melee Charge Attack, we changed the focus of the buff to be Crit Chance. This synergizes with both a Melee or close-range Firearm build.

Rock of Anguish

Reduced speed boost from 20% to 15%

Reduced reload speed boost from 50% to 25%

Increased duration from 5s to 10s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Taking damage to gain a short-term effect didn’t work out as smoothly as we hoped. We doubled the duration so players can take advantage of the buff for a longer period but reduced the movement speed boost by a small amount, and the reload speed boost by half.

Mender’s Charm

Removed chance to not consume Dragon Heart (now on Elder Armor)

Dragon Hearts heal nearby allies for 50% effectiveness (old Elder Armor)

Increased self-healing effectiveness boost from 25% to 50%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Mender’s Charm has gone through a few interesting changes. We’ve settled on a version that allows players to slot it as “the support” Amulet while still allowing it to benefit self-heals.

Cleansing Jewel

Ensured the effect still works when a Dragon Heart is used by an ally with Elder’s Armor

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since we adjusted Elder Armor we wanted to ensure that players could still benefit from an ally wearing both Elder and Cleansing Jewel.

Galenic Charm

Removed Mod Power generation when taking damage.

Added 30% Weapon Mod Damage Boost

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We didn’t like the “get hit to get an effect” gameplay of the old charm, so we decided to make it a bit more interesting but keep it in the “mod” realm.

Vengeance Idol

Reduced activation requirement from 25% Health to 50% Health

Reduced damage buff from 50% to 30%

Now includes Summons (boosts Minion Damage)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Vengeance Idol was a bit “all or nothing” and gave incredible boosts when below 25% but players had to constantly deal with the flashing screen. We wanted to make it a bit more accessible, so we lowered the threshold to activate the buff, reduced the damage bonus, but added Summons to the list. This should give it a bit more versatility.

Twisted Idol

Increased Armor boost from 25% to 30%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Slight adjustment to make this a bit more appealing!

Pocket Watch

Increased Stamina Cost reduction from 15 to 20

Increased Stamina Regen from 15 to 20

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With so many exciting amulet options, we wanted to ensure the Pocket Watch was great at delivering utility. A small couple of buffs here to make that happen.

Soul Anchor

Increased Duration from 50% to 100%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Summons are fun. Enjoy them for longer!


Jewel of the Black Sun

Increased duration from 10s to 15s

Increased DMG per stack from 5% to 6%

Reduced Stacks from 4 to 3

DEVELOPER COMMENT: While Jewel of the Black Sun had high damage potential, it was very rare to reach and maintain 4 stacks. We made this a bit easier by increasing the duration of each stack by 50% but reduced the total attainable damage by 2%.

Band of Accord

Increased Ammo Boost from 15% to 25%

Changed Ammo Sharing behavior

Fixed an issue where ammo sometimes wasn’t being shared

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Band of Accord now rewards 25% bonus ammo for each player in the game and then divides the total. So, if you pick up 10 ammo in solo, you’ll get 12.5 instead. If there are 2 players, you will pick up 15 ammo and then split it 50/50 (7.5 each). The wearer ends up getting less ammo per pickup, but the team gets a nice boost!

Devouring Loop

Increased proc chance from 5% to 6%

DEVOURING COMMENT: This comment has been DEVOURED!


Reduced from 35% to 30%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We felt that a tad too much EXP was given out for simply having both Sagestone and Elder Knowledge with no real choice/trade-off so we reduced both a bit. However, we’ve decided to add another EXP item that more than makes up for the adjustment and allows the tradeoff for a huge amount of EXP. See if you can find it!

Hunter’s Halo

Changed range boost from 20% to 4m (flat)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Most short-ranged weapons didn’t benefit from Hunter’s Halo because 20% of a small number is still a small number. Instead, we changed this to a flat 4m boost so that weapons with short range get considerable benefit while already long-range weapons don’t benefit quite as much. As an example: Shotgun ideal range is 7.5m. With a 20% boost it becomes 9m. With a 4m flat boost, it becomes 11.5m. =)

Hunter’s Band

Increased Weakspot damage bonus from 25% to 30%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With the range requirement, we felt it fair to up the bonus a small amount.

Band of Strength

Changed activation from Melee Kill to Charge Melee Attack (100% chance)

Increased stack count from 3 to 4

Reduced buff per stack from 10% to 5% (max 20%)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Another melee build buff. We didn’t like how infrequent melee kills were to proc this effect, so we decided to put it more squarely in the player’s hands. Charge attack, buff melee! Since players have consistent access to the buff now, we reduced the total amount from 30% to 20%.


Changed so that it applies 1 stack of new updated universal Bleed effect (which stacks 3x)

Changed activation from Melee Crit to Charge Melee Attack (100% chance)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We like the concept of the Razorstone but it received a significant nerf with the previous reduction of 200% damage to 100% damage. The unique Razorstone Bleed effect has been replaced with the universal Bleed (Scar, Skewer, Razorstone, etc) which stacks 3x. We changed the activation from Melee Crit to Melee Charge Attack so players have more control over application.

Ring of Supremacy

Reduced damage buff from 25% to 20%

Buff icon properly displays when active

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Ring of Supremacy is a great ring, but it was granting too great of a bonus for a ring slot. It’s still probably a bit high at 20% but we will continue to monitor it and see if other builds appear or if ROS remains a permanent fixture in almost every scenario.

Empowering Loop

Reduced damage buff from 30% to 25%

Reduced fire rate penalty from 20% to 15%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Like Ring of Supremacy, the Empowering Loop bonus was a bit too high for single shot weapons with almost no major real effect on automatic weapons. We reduced the top end damage but also reduced the fire rate penalty. Now, Empowering Loop still buffs single shot weapons the most but also helps automatics a bit.

Akari War Band

Reduced the Crit Damage from 30% to 15%

Increased Buff Duration from 7s to 10s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With our goal of reducing the effect of RNG on success, we reduced the Crit Damage boost and increased the duration to match the Akari Opportunist Set Bonus buff.

Provisioner’s Ring

Doubled the speed of the reload effect

DEVELOPER COMMENT: For a Hardcore ring, the effect felt a little underwhelming. We doubled the speed at which it reloads so players can better juggle weapons.

Storm Amulet

Now only affects Shock Damage

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is an example of a single item limiting the design space (and build creativity). Since it affected everything that did elemental damage, it ended up increasing things like Beam Rifle (Radiation), Spitfire (Fire), and of course, Hive Cannon (Corrosion) among others. This reduced our ability to buff other elements and/or unique mod types because Storm Amulet affected them all. It comes from Pan (where Shock magic is common), it’s called Storm Amulet, it made the most sense for us to make this adjustment now. We left the damage value as is.

Stone of Balance

Increased Ranged/Melee bonus from 10% to 15%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is an increase to bring the Stone closer to other damage options. It has no penalty like some of the other rings but also does not buff Weapon Mod Damage or Summons.

Braided Thorns

Increased Duration from 6s to 10s

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We were a tad conservative on the duration here. Adjusted the duration to be a bit more lenient and more appealing.

Ring of the Admiral

Now includes Summons (boosts Minion Damage)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted this to boost all damage, so we included Minions. This increases all outgoing damage sources (Ranged, Melee, Mod, and Minions).

Leech Ember

Reduced Lifesteal value to balance with game-wide Melee Damage increase

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Like the Riven and Twisted Single Perk adjustments, the reduction of Lifesteal coincides with the game-wise Melee buff.

Nightmare Spiral

Reduced healing effect from 4.5 to 2.0

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To keep the Lifesteal effect in-line with other similar abilities, we reduced this effect from 4.5% of Ranged Damage to 2%. It is still an incredibly powerful item and gets stronger as you accumulate more Ranged Damage buffs. We will continue to monitor the Nightmare Spiral!



Adjusted reward curve for all Irons

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We received numerous reports that certain Irons became near impossible to get at higher levels. We did a complete pass on all drop rates at all levels to help smooth this out.

Resource Trading

Reduced Ace’s vendor Refresh Timer from 30m to 20m

Added ability to convert Higher Quality Irons to Lower Quality Irons

DEVELOPER COMMENT: You asked for it. You got it. Ace can now convert higher resources into lower resources for a fee. In fact, even the Mad Merchant can as well… but he’s a little harder to find.

Boss Weapon Upgrade Cost

Reduced the total amount of Lumenite required to max a Boss Weapon from 73 to 40

Adjusted the Scrap costs of upgrading Boss Weapons to be less at lower levels, more at higher level

DEVELOPER COMMENT: The goal here was to reduce the initial cost of upgrading Boss Weapons early on so players are more likely to give them a try. The initial cost of entry was a tad too high so we reduced it at the lower levels and increased it for higher level upgrades – when players have more Scrap.


Frenzy Dust

Fixed a bug that granted 25% Reload Speed & Fire Rate (now gives listed 20%/15%)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Frenzy Dust was testing way above its intended design, so we did a deep dive only to find out that it was granting much more of a bonus than desired. We fixed it.


Elder Knowledge

Reduced to 20% MAX (was 40%)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: As mentioned for Sagestone; we adjusted Elder Knowledge (since it becomes an automatic/forever 20% boost) so we can incorporate more of a trade-off for builds (EXP, Utility, DMG, etc). The new item (see if you can find it) can bring the total EXP boost to well above the previous Sagestone/Elder Knowledge combination!


Increased Crit Chance from 20% to 25%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: This is a slight buff with the intention of smoothing out the RNG curve a bit by giving more consistent access to crits. This helps for crit-based procs, and along with the Kingslayer adjustment, gives a more consistent experience.


Reduced Crit Damage Boost from 50% to 25%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With Crit Damage being so high, many fights often came down to RNG. We wanted to lessen the impact of the Crit Damage Boost determining success as well as the smoothing of the crit RNG curve.


Reduced from 25% to 20%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With such a large change to all melee damage across the board, Warrior needed a reduction to compensate. Of course, overall, melee does way more damage now than it ever did, so you won’t even feel this adjustment!

Cold as Ice

Reduced damage from 15% to 10%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: With all our updates, especially to melee, we found that Cold as Ice was giving too great of a benefit to 2 of 3 players in coop situations. Now the total is 20% for 2 instead of 30%.

Keeper’s Blessing

Reduced from 20% to 10%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Due to how our Armor, Status, and Damage Reduction stacked together, the values got out of hand quick. Due to this, Nightmare had extremely high incoming damage which resulted in only a few select armors (Void, Radiant, Leto) being able to weather the storm. This is part of the balance pass that addresses the large disparity between all armors.


Wasteland Goodboy

Cured Wasteland Goodboy’s Scrap Sickness

Increased fluffiness of Wasteland Goodboy’s carpet/bedding

Wasteland Goodboy (aka Wasteland Very Goodboy) was under the weather for a few days after eating some excess scrap lying around Wud’s shop. However, after 1 and half servings of Mudtooth’s Stew and a spritz of 2 parts Adrenaline and 1 part Golden Plum, he fully recovered and now goes on spirited jogs around Rhom up to 3 times a day!

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We realized that Wasteland Goodboy needed an upgrade to his sleeping arrangements so we made his carpet a bit fluffier. We are considering buffing Wasteland Very Goodboy to Very Fast Goodboy, however we are unsure if it will go to his head.

As you see, this Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.14 June 4 patch is the biggest update we’ve seen from the game yet. If there’s any changes not included in the notes, let us know down below in the comments.

Source: Remnant

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