Report: Apex Legends Compound Bow Accidentally Outed by Dev

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While we already know that Respawn Entertainment will be introducing a new weapon in the Volt SMG in Season 6 of Apex Legends, it seems there might be another weapon headed to the game, as an Apex Legends compound bow has been spotted in one of the screenshots!

Respawn Entertainment Principal Lighting Artist Austin Arnett posted the screen before deleting it since, well, there’s no bow available in the game yet. Thankfully, YouTuber DANNYonPC managed to record it! Check it out below.

Obviously, even if it’s been outed by a dev, there’s no guarantee that we’ll see it in Season 6 or at all. That said, if it was a scrapped weapon, we would have probably heard Arnett mention that, no?

Season 6 of Apex Legends starts next week on August 18, and we’ll get a new legend in Rampart! Check out the latest Stories From the Outlands animated short to know more about the upcoming legend’s story.

Would you want a bow to add to Apex Legends’ ever-increasing amount of armaments or would you rather get another gun in its place than something as gimmicky as bow?