Report: COD Vanguard Aim Down Sight Spread (Bloom) Confirmed, Here’s Why ADS Shots Miss

Vanguard November 18 Update

Call of Duty Vanguard enjoyed its release last week, and for the most part its launch was received like any other COD launch. However, there appears to be a mechanic going around which few players know about, one that could heavily impact their gameplay and what kinds of attachments they should be going for. According to a report from known Call of Duty statistician TrueGameData, ADS (aim down sight) spread or COD Vanguard bloom is very much a real thing, and there are several guns in the game which are heavily affected by it.

As shown in his original video, the ADS spread (bloom) is especially noticeable on assault rifles as well as submachine guns. However, since TrueGameData works solely on pure stats, it may be hard to visualize the actual spread in-game. For that particular scenario, you can also check out TheXclusiveAce‘s video, which covers the actual spread with screenshots to show how big it is.

COD Vanguard ADS Spread comparison

As weird as these spreads are in this game, fortunately there is a way to reduce them. According to TrueGameData, ADS spread can be reduced with the Accuracy stat; piling it onto your weapon of choice will tighten the spread, resulting in more accurate shots as you aim down the sights. That said, it is also interesting to note that if you want to make use of other stats, picking a weapon with less base significant spread should do the trick.

What do you think? Does ADS spread (bloom) have a place in COD Vanguard? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks, TrueGameData and TheXclusiveAce !

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