Report: Destiny 2 Cross-Save Feature to Be Implemented by Bungie, Google Stadia Port Happening

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Ever wanted to bring your Destiny 2 game data to another platform to join your friends playing the game on another platform? Apparently, that will be a reality very soon. According to Kotaku, numerous sources have pointed out that Destiny 2 cross-save functionality will be an actual thing when it comes to PC and Xbox One, though it’s unsure whether the PS4 version will be part of it.

This new feature for Destiny 2 will apparently be announced tomorrow during a Bungie livestream at 1 p.m. ET. At this event, it’s also assumed that we’ll hear more about the recently-leaked Shadowkeep expansion. Aside from Kotaku’s sources, dataminers have unearthed something that mentions “cross-save” in it, which further adds to this report.

If that’s not enough of a bombshell announcement for you, more reports have come in and mention that we’ll see a Destiny 2 port come to Googla Stadia — the upcoming game streaming platform by the search engine giant.

Google will hold a press conference tomorrow to talk about Google Stadia and its game at 12 p.m. ET, and it’s expected that we’ll hear about Destiny 2 at Google’s event. If you don’t have a PC rig good enough to run Destiny 2, that won’t matter soon, though official pricing for Stadia has not been announced yet.

Once we know more details tomorrow, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: Kotaku