Report: Destiny 2 Netcode Said to Be “Uniquely Complicated”

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If you’re an information technology nerd like me, or you want to know why you keep dying behind corners, Chris AKA Battlenonsense is the go-to networking expert for video games. In his videos, he sits down and does netcode analysis of the hottest games and explains what is right about the networking setup used, what’s bad, and what developers and companies can do to improve their player’s connections during online gameplay.

With Destiny 2 on the horizon, Chris decided to take a look and see what the netcode had to offer those participating in the beta on PC. What’s evident is that Destiny 2 has what Bungie engineering lead Justin Truman stated to be a very uniquely complicated system of networking for the game. Instead of using one of three types of networking systems for gaming – peer-to-peer, dedicated servers and client hosted – Bungie came up with a hybrid connection type called Activity Hosts, which essentially combines peer-to-peer and dedicated servers for a more seamless feeling of play and connectivity. The only issue with this hybrid technology is that in the first Destiny, you would still have host migration for physics, which would not only set lots of players back regarding enjoyment but also created a disparaging experience when playing with friends and dunking on kids in the crucible.

In Destiny 2 however, they have off loaded the physics host to a cloud server so that migration won’t be an issue. But that can’t be the only improvement added to the latest Bungie title, can it? Check out Chris’ video up top to see what has improved(or hasn’t). 

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