Report: Dying Light 2 Development Beset With Studio Problems and Lack of Direction

Dying Light 2

It looks like there is trouble in paradise as far as the Dying Light 2 team is concerned, as The Gamer reports that the studio behind the series, Techland, has been beset with problems — with reports saying the company is in total chaos, bleeding talent, and has a lack of direction thanks to autocratic management.

According to the report, the problem stems from the leadership of the company’s CEO Pawel Marchewka and his inner circle. Developers who have requested anonymity have described the management as toxic and unable to perform due to poor planning. In the story, the interviewer gets the thoughts of the developers who vent out their frustrations dealing with their bosses.

“Techland has a history of hiring people for which the team had ‘high hopes,’ but it ended up in nothing,” one source said. “One such case for the designers was the hiring of Marc Albinet, a former game director from Ubisoft, that was supposed to restructure how design is done in the studio. Even he, a veteran with 30 years of experience, couldn’t break through upper management that is harder to change than the spin of the fucking Earth.”

“Whenever an expert starts advising things that are not aligned with the board’s agenda, they slowly get isolated from the project and responsibilities,” another source tells me. “That leads to them leaving or eventually getting fired. To make a career at Techland, you have to be subservient.”

As a result, it looks like the future of Dying Light 2 and its release date will be affected.

While the sequel’s future may be in question, the first game just got a new patch in Update 1.32.

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