Report: Lost Judgement Might be the Last Game in the Judgement Series Due to Contractual Disagreements

Lost Judgement

Looks like fans looking forward to more from Sega’s open-world Judgement franchise might be in for some disappointing news, as a report suggests that Lost judgement might be the last game in the Judgement series due to contractual disagreements.

In a post on Reddit, Japanese site Nikkan Taishu reports that there are disagreements between Sega and the talent agency representing actor Takuya Kimura — who plays the main character Takayuki Yagami in the Judgement series.

According to an article from a Japanese showbiz news site named Nikkan Taishu,┬áin which the site did an interview with someone familiar with the situation, Sega wanted to publish Lost Judgement on PC/Steam to further extend the series’ audience but the protagonist’s actor Takuya Kimura’s talent agency prevented them from doing so due to their very strict likeness right policy (very limited pictures of their talents even on the Internet). Sega thinks this doesn’t look reasonable in terms of business and decides to end the series with the second entry.

In other words, Sega also wants to release the Judgement series on PC via Steam, but the Kimura’s agency doesn’t want to since that was not part of the initial agreement when using his likeness for the games. If this is the case, Lost Judgement may be the last game in the Yakuza spin-off series and Sega may move on to other endeavors because of it.

While Lost Judgement may be the end if this report holds water, the west will still be getting its hands on the game this coming September and you can read all about it here.

Check the magazine scans of the Japanese site on Reddit. Thanks Nibellion for the tweet on this!

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