Report: New Grand Theft Auto Game in Development to Start With “Moderately Sized Release”

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Given how successful the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been for Rockstar Games, the fact that a new Grand Theft Auto game is in development shouldn’t be news to anyone. Well, if this latest report is legit, it seems this new GTA title won’t be as big as its predecessors — at least from the onset.

In a new report by Kotaku where it talks about cultural changes in the studio, it mentions that Rockstar Games management has laid out a plan for the next entry in the franchise wherein it will start out with a “moderately sized release,” which will then be expanded with regular updates as time goes on. This is being done in order to mitigate stress and the video game industry’s “crunch” culture, where devs are forced to work inhuman hours per week just to make sure a game hits its development milestones and releases on time.

While we don’t know what setting this new GTA game will be, when it will be out, or whether it will really be called Grand Theft Auto 6, releasing the game in a smaller state and then updating it over time sounds like a nice plan. My only concern is, what about those who buy the game and don’t have a regular internet connection? Will this mean the game will be gimped for them?

Other than that though, I can see this working. I mean, Rockstar has been very prolific in updating GTA Online every week, right? Granted, those are just activities and rewards refreshes, but releasing portions of the game’s over time could work, but I already see lots of people not warming up to the idea, given we’ll be buying a game at full price with promise of future content down the line.

Would you be open to a new Grand Theft Auto game where you had to download parts of it over time or would you rather just have the full game released? Share your thoughts down below.