Report: New Mass Effect Game in “Very Early Development” at BioWare

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As part of yesterday’s big story on bow BioWare is overhauling Anthem in a major way, it was also mentioned that a new Mass Effect game is being developed by BioWare Edmonton.

Near the end of Jason Schreier’s report, he mentions that “a new Mass Effect game is in very early development at the Edmonton office under director Mike Gamble, a longtime BioWare producer.” This is something new for everyone who loves the sci-fi RPG franchise, as everyone assumed that EA would let it gather dust for a while given Mass Effect Andromeda’s catastrophic launch and reception.

While the latest entry in the franchise, Andromeda, is sitting at a quite respectable 71 percent on Metacritic, it’s a far cry from how the the first Mass Effect trilogy was received. Add in the fact that EA just scrapped all post-launch plans, and well, you can kinda guess how much of a failure it was.

Note that this is not confirmation from BioWare themselves, but given how connected and reliable Schreier has been throughout the years, we’re betting this one is legit, too.

For Mass Effect fans, what do you want to see from a new Mass Effect game? Personally, I want another charismatic protagonist like Shepard, good dialogue choices, new ways to play the game, and maybe, a proper way of displaying facial animations.