Rainbow Six Quarantine Renamed “Rainbow Six Parasite” as Image Surfaces (Update)

rainbow six parasite

Announced back in 2019, Rainbow Six Quarantine news really didn’t surface at all last year other than being mentioned that it was being delayed to the “first half of 2021” during Ubisoft’s quarterly earnings call.

While Ubisoft has remained mum on any new details, it seems the publisher is moving forward with the game, as a file for it has been uploaded on the PlayStation Network! This file numbers the game version as 1.01, and cites it as the “Initial launch patch.”

Upon further digging, we found what seems to be an image from the file belonging to the PS4 of the dash, boot, and save data icon, and the mention of Rainbow Six Parasite, which could be Rainbow Six Quarantine’s new title! Note that Ubisoft has confirmed that it was mulling a name change and moving away from “Quarantine” given the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the images we’ve obtained below.

Image of the PS4 dash icon
rainbow six parasite PS4
The boot screen PS4 players will see. Also the save data icon.

In addition to that, we’ve also managed to get an image of the Remote Play feature using the PlayStation Vita, where it’s also named as “Rainbow Six Parasite.” Sadly there is no description as to what each button does.

Here’s the official description for the game back when Ubisoft revealed it:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine™ is a 3-player squad-based survival FPS being developed by an entirely new team at Ubisoft Montreal.

The Rainbow Six operators will face off against a mysterious threat infecting human hosts and their surroundings.  Prepare to launch into tense, chaotic, and totally unpredictable missions as you and your squad risk everything every time you step into quarantine.

If Parasite is indeed the final title, it’s one that fits, and does indeed the trick of distancing itself from COVID-19. For now, since nothing has officially been announced by Ubisoft, take this as a rumor.

We’ve reached out to Ubisoft and will update the post if we get a response.

Update: Ubisoft has issued a statement to PCGamesN (oddly, nothing sent on our end), and mentioned that “Rainbow Six Parasite” is a placeholder name that’s used internally, though more details will be shared soon.

While we recently shared that we will be changing the name of Rainbow Six Quarantine, ‘Parasite’ is only a placeholder that our internal teams use. Recently, we ran an internal test for the game and some of its details became public. We can confirm this is a glimpse of the upcoming game, and we will share more details, including the official name, soon.

Once we get more details, we’ll let our readers know.

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3 years ago

Well, we’re truly screwed now ; a parasitic pandemic is sure to be the end of us all. 🙁

Gustavo Sr.
Gustavo Sr.
Reply to  thwip71
3 years ago

Yeah, and Ubisoft will change its title again, just to try to keep sales high.

Koen Wildeboer
Koen Wildeboer
Reply to  thwip71
3 years ago

Yeah first they predict quarantine and now parasite oh boy 2021 is gonna be a wild ride.

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