Resident Evil Village to Feature Open-World Elements According to Steam Page

resident evil village open world

While Capcom gave us a our first gameplay look at Resident Evil Village a week ago, there are still a lot of questions in the game that remain unanswered. While we all know that it’ll be played in a first-person point of view, it looks like the game will feature open-world elements as well.

This little nugget of info has been spotted on the game’s official SteamDB page, where it was updated by Capcom to include “Open World.”

Over on Twitter, reliable Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem mentioned that Resident Evil Village uses a “small” open-world design, which is similar to Metroidvania titles where exploration is key.

(1/2) Resident Evil Village has a sorta small open world design, Metroidvania is the word the team uses. There’s more of a focus on exploration, every area connecting, & returning to areas than most recent RE games.

The game also has some nudity & sexual content, an example I

(2/2) know is those “moth lady” vampires people have been raving about recently, when they dissipiate or are killed they are naked for a moment, that said they turn… goopy, and into these crawling spider things, which are not very attractive, so take that as you will.

Mind, we’re not expecting Grand Theft Auto levels of open-worldness here, and Dusk Golem’s proclamation of the game being similar to Metroidvania in terms of exploration design does make sense since the Resident Evil franchise is known for exploration — though one with a mostly linear path.

Would you welcome a Resident Evil game with a more Metroidvania-styled exploration design or should Capcom stick to what’s familiar with franchise fans? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

Thanks, Biohazardcast!

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