Respawn Announces New Titanfall Deluxe Edition For Origin and Xbox One, New Trailer Highlights All Added Features Since Launch

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Since launching in March, Titanfall has received loads of support from developer Respawn to improve the game and add more content to keep players busy. If you’ve passed up the chance to buy the PC and Xbox exclusive, now may be a great time to bite the bullet with the new Titanfall Deluxe Edition.

Originally only available on EA Origin for $79.99, the now $39.99 digital-only Deluxe Edition is also coming to Xbox One on November 25 for $49.99 and will offer the vanilla game, all three Titanfall DLC packs — Expedition, Frontier’s Edge, and IMC Rising — and every single free update released so far, including Titanfall’s Frontier Defense co-op mode. While content may have seemed scarce nine months ago, Respawn has kept true to their word and brought new things to the IP, which you can see in detail in the video above.

If you’re still wondering whether Titanfall is worth the money, here’s my verdict on the game in our MP1st review – “Titanfall may suffer from story driven details and a lack of unique game modes, but it more than makes up for it with diverse maps, an astonishingly fun multiplayer gameplay experience that rewards players regardless of skill level, and an offering that is an overall breath of fresh air in the first-person shooter genre.”

For more news on Titanfall, be sure to keep your Titan sights on MP1st.

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