Titanfall 2 Developer Respawn Working on “Super Secret” VR Game for Oculus

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While Titanfall 3 might be an inevitability according to Respawn Entertainment, that might be not the next game to come out of the studio. We know that Respawn is working on an unannounced Star Wars game for EA, but it looks like there’s another project keeping the studio busy. 

Over on the studio’s official website, Respawn has announced that it’s working on a “super secret” project for the Oculus Rift! Before anyone asks, no, it’s not Star Wars or Titanfall-related, so drop those dreams of yours where you’re piloting an actual Titan in VR, alright?

We did get announcement trailer of sorts that while doesn’t reveal the actual game, it does hint that it’s about warfare and will involve guns. Check out the letter Director Peter Hirschmann wrote for the announcement.

While the game remains secret (spoiler: it’s not Titanfall or Star Wars™), our relationship with Oculus is now out in the open. We couldn’t be happier to have such a great partner, and to be building our game on such an amazing platform as the Rift.

There are so many cool parts to making a game in VR, but perhaps the most intense one is emotion. While you know you’re wearing a headset, your brain processes VR on an emotional level. Though you’re in a simulation, you feellike you’re there. It’s all kinds of awesome.

So as a developer, game assets you’ve seen a hundred times on a monitor suddenly become real when you put the headset on. The sense of scale, the sense of presence, there’s nothing else like it. It’s the difference between using your mouse to rotate an object in an editor and walking around it in real life. It is a true privilege to build a game in this kind of immersive world.

Unfortunately, the studio needs to go “dark again,” and it seems we won’t be hearing about this game for quite some time. If it’s the same quality as Titanfall 2, then it should be something special.