Returnal Ray Tracing and 60FPS 4K Resolution Support Announced

Returnal Update 01.003.001

Prepare for some pretty awesome visuals with Housemarque’s upcoming PS5 exclusive game Returnal, as the developer have confirmed that the game will feature ray tracing with 60 frames per second frame rate at 4K resolution.

The discovery was made by Twitter user Heisenreborn, who shared photos from the PlayStation Portugal MODU PlayStation show that confirms that these enhancements will be available for the game.

Returnal showcasing ray tracing and 60 fps is more or less standard practice already for most next-gen games. As a PS5 exclusive, the game puts players in control of Selene — an explorer who crash lands on an alien planet and is forced to relive a constant loop of life and death as she searches a way out of her predicament.

Along with the visual enhancements and DualSense compatibility, here are some other features players can expect for Returnal per the official PlayStation page.

Returnal PS5 features

  • Fast loading:  Jump through portals between worlds with the PS5™ system’s ultra-high speed SSD. Get back into the action with near-instant load speeds that won’t leave you waiting to restart after you die.
  • Adaptive triggers: Switch instinctively between firing modes by using a single adaptive trigger – go straight from aiming down sights to your gun’s alternative fire.
  • Haptic feedback: Sense in-game actions big and small – while exploring fragments of Selene’s memories, or when firing visceral alien weapons.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible headphones: Hear the action from every direction in 3D Audio – bullets flying past you, enemies circling overhead, or unseen foes creeping up behind you.

The trophy list for Returnal has leaked if you need an idea of what achievements lie in store for the game.

Returnal will be released exclusively for the PS5 on April 30.

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