Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.04 Brings Hidden Realms Update to Consoles

risk of rain 2 update 1.04

While PC gamers have already soaked up the Hidden Realms update, console gamers can try it out now! Hopoo Games has released Risk of Rain 2 update 1.04 for PS4 and Xbox One! This brings the Hidden Realms content consoles. Check out the Risk of Rain 2 update 1.04 patch notes below.

Risk of Rain 2 update 1.04 patch notes:

This is the third major content update for Risk of Rain 2 on consoles. With this update we are focusing on expanding the base game with fun and exciting content that the player will see right when the update lands. While Skills 2.0 had a bunch of challenges and unlocks, some players preferred to have content unlocked in the base game, and we’ve heard the feedback!

==== Major Content and Changes ====

  • Added Survivor: Acrid
  • Added 2 Stage Variants
  • Added 2 Hidden Realms
  • Added 3 Skill Variants
  • Added New Skin: Acrid Skin
  • Added New Monster: Void Reaver
  • Added New Boss: Scavenger
  • Added New Boss: Secret Boss
  • Added 9 Items and 1 Equipment to the game
  • Added Chest: Adaptive Chest
  • Added Chest: Overgrown 3D Printer
  • Added Shrine: Cleansing Pool
  • Added Drone: Emergency Drone
  • Added 3 Challenges to the game
  • Added 2 Environment Logs to the game
  • Added 6 Lore Entries to the game
  • Various performance & stability improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes

Acrid Skillset:

  • Passive: Poison – Certain attacks apply poison, dealing damage over time but cannot kill.
  • Primary Fire: Vicious Wounds – Maul an enemy, where every third hit does double damage.
  • Secondary Fire: Neurotoxin – Spit toxic bile at a range that damages and poisons enemies.
  • Utility: Caustic Leap – Leap into the air, dealing damage, stunning, and poisoning enemies on impact. Leaves a pool of acid that deals damage.
  • Special: Epidemic – Release a deadly poison that deals damage and poisons enemies. The disease continually spreads to up to 20 target.

Additional changes:

  • New Bosses and Monster – The Scavenger boss, Void Reaver monster, and an additional secret boss join the fight.
  • New Hidden Realms – Two new hidden realms can be discovered.
  • Alternative Layouts – The new Alternate Layouts system allows for some maps to have entirely new layouts, starting with Titanic Plains and Distant Roost.
  • New Items, Equipment, Lunars and more – An arsenal of new items and equipment is now at players’ disposal. This includes two new Lunar items, Adaptive Chests, Overgrown 3D Printer, seven new items, and a new type of equipment called the Jade Elephant.
  • Community Suggested Changes – Quality-of-life improvements suggested by the community have been implemented.

Xbox One gamers, you’ll be able to download Risk of Rain 2 for free as part of the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships! This is part of Microsoft’s Free Play Days which starts March 26 at 12:01 a.m. PT and will run until March 29 11:59 p.m. PT.

Risk of Rain 2 will also be 40 percent off on the Microsoft Store from March 31 to April 6.

Source: Gearbox forums

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