Risk of Rain 2 Void Fiend Introduced in New Survivors of the Void Trailer

risk of rain 2 void fiend

Hopoo Games has revealed more of their upcoming DLC, as the Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void new trailer introduces the Void Fiend, the latest Survivor in the action title! Check out the trailer below as well as details on Railgunner as he makes his appearance on Risk of Rain 2.

Here is a rundown of the Void Fiend’s skills in Risk of Rain 2:

  • His unique mechanic, Void Corruption, grants a huge power boost and affects Void Fiend’s other skills. Corruption is increased by taking damage and reduced by healing, but is always slowly creeping higher and higher. Once your Corruption reaches 100%, Void Fiend transforms into a more aggressive form.
  • Corruption is also Void Fiend’s healing mechanic: you’ll need to spend Corruption to heal Void Fiend, constantly balancing between healing and damage-dealing to survive. 
  • Each of Void Fiend’s four abilities have dramatically different effects based on his form at the time:
    • In Void Fiend’s controlled form, Drown fires a slowing long-range beam for 300% damage. In his corrupted form, Drown transforms into a short-range rapid-fire beam that rips and tears through your enemies foolish enough to attack you
    • Flood fires a plasma missile for 600% damage, and can be charged to deal 1100% damage. When Corrupted, Flood fires instantly at 1100% damage and also has twice the explosive radius.
    • Trespass, in Void Fiend’s controlled form, vanishes him into the void, cleansing all debuffs and moving him forward in an upward arc – it’s great for escaping tough situations or reaching higher ground. When Corrupted, Trespass becomes an aggressive leap forward, allowing him to quickly close the distance and get to damage-dealing while up close and personal.
    • With Void Fiend, everything comes at a price, and Suppress holds the key to maintaining his current form. In controlled form, Void Fiend consumes 25% Corruption and converts it into instant 25% healing, and when Corrupted, he consumes 25% of his health to instead increase corruption by 25% allowing him to remain in the more aggressive corrupted form for longer.
    • Escape Petrichor V with Void Fiend to unlock additional ability variations and an alternate skin.

Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void launches on Steam on March 1, 2022 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $15 USD, with the console release coming in Q2 of 2022.

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