Rocket League Frosty Fest Event Begins December 11, Here’s All the Details

Start your engines for the holiday season! The Rocket League Frosty Fest event is about to kick off, bringing winter treats for all players.

The Frosty Fest event will use the new “Snowflakes” currency, which replaces the usual Candy Corn. Players can redeem these Snowflakes to purchase Event items, Decryptors, or the new “Frosty Fest” Event Crate.

The “Frosty Fest” Event Crate can also be earned as a random drop in Online Matches, or via microtransactions.

Following October’s Haunted Hallows event, Psyonix has made changes to the event format, which includes tweaking how many Decryptors can be obtained.

Snowy arenas will include: Mannfield, DFH, and Utopia.

The event starts December 11, running up until January 2.

– Start Time: Monday, December 11, 5pm PST (8pm EST, 2am CET on December 12)

– End Time: Tuesday, January 2, 10am PST (1pm EST, 7pm CET)

In other gaming news, a new update is planned for Overwatch that will do better at keeping same-skilled players together, Sony is giving out free PS4 dynamics themes, avatars and a free game for completing “Missions,” and Sony’s Shawn Layden heavily hinted at the ability for users to change PSN ID coming next year.

Source: Rocket League

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