Rocket League Future Plans Outlines Plans for 2018, Now at Over 38 Million Players

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It’s no secret by now that Psyonix’s Rocket League is a huge success for the studio. However, no one could have guessed it’d be this big. How big? In Psyonix’s year in review for the game, the studio announced that Rocket League now has over 38 million players, and that translated to over two billion matches since the game’s launch in 2015.

In addition to that announcement, Psyonix has announced some of the Rocket League future plans coming to players’ way in 2018. There will be new game servers for regions in South Africa and Asia to improve the game experience for players in those areas.

The first issue is game server performance. We see feedback on this topic regularly and take it very seriously. While many connection issues are out of our hands – like when an internet service provider suddenly starts routing you differently to our datacenters – we are still monitoring performance and looking for ways to improve.

We’ll be rolling out improved connection quality status information in the game client in 2018 that will tell you if you’re experiencing packet loss, latency variance, or legitimate game server performance issues. We’re looking into how we can allow the community to report servers they think are performing poorly to help us identify and resolve problems more quickly. We’re also planning improvements to region selection in matchmaking that would let us roll out servers in regions like US-Central without negatively impacting US-East or US-West.

Xbox One gamers will be glad to know that Psyonix is keeping tabs on the performance issues Rocket League on the platform has been experiencing, and will have more to share in 2018.

Other plans set to go live in 2018 are: in-game tournaments, a revamp of the XP system, being able to unlock new banners and titles, free Decryptors for leveling up and more. There’s even a few quality of life updates being cooked now, and new Trophies and Achievements all set to go live in 2018.

Finally, Psyonix mentioned that it’s “actively working” on cross-platform party support to roll out in 2018.

You can read the entire blog post here.

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