Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Has Mario and Samus Cars

Everyone’s favorite fake sport, Rocket League, is heading to the Nintendo Switch! While it’s set to hit Nintendo’s console-handheld hybrid later this year, it’ll do so with some Nintendo-centric stuff, which will be released for free.

Ever wanted to see a Mario-themed car kick a gigantic ball? Check out the trailer to see the various Nintendo cars (Mario NSR, Luigi NSR, Samus Gunship) in action. This special inclusion isn’t stopping there; the color of your car also depends on what side/team you’re on, too. Each car also has exclusive accessories with the Mario and Luigi cars getting Super Star Rocket Boosts, and the Samus Gunship car getting a Wave Beam Rocket Boost.

If you’re already playing Rocket League and want to take it on the go, then the Nintendo Switch version might just right be your alley when it releases later this year. 

Source: Siliconera

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