Rockstar Adds 10 New Verified GTA Online Jobs, Includes Creation Weekend Selections

With all counterfeit GTA$ now removed from GTA Online, players can once again look forward to earning their money legitimately.

However, those who are tired with the current selection of jobs available and don’t feel like replaying them anymore will be happy to know that 10 new missions have been verified by Rockstar, which include five new jobs from the Creation Weekend contest that took place a few weeks ago.

These new jobs will available the next time players go into a free mode session. Rockstar has taken liberty of highlighting each new job and you can the catch descriptions of each over at this recent Rockstar’s Social Club post.

Furthermore, those who got their created job from the creation weekend selected by Rockstar, should receive their prize of 1 million GTA$ next time they log in. Alongside the new lump sum of cash for having their creations selected, they will be also receiving exclusive license plates.

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