Rogue Company Update 1.29 September 2 Brings Retail Therapy Patch

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First Watch Games has a new and quite signficant update to third-person shooter, Rogue Company! The Rogue Company update 1.29 September 2 patch brings what the studio calls the Retail Therapy title update.

Rogue Company Update 1.29 September 2 patch notes:


  • By popular demand, Deadzone adjustments for controllers can now be made in the settings menu!
  • Favelas has returned as an available map!
  • The PlayStation 4 and XboxOne keyboard and mouse has been disabled for now until we can provide a fully functional keyboard and mouse feature.
  • Players can now acknowledge/confirm teammates pings by pinging on top of existing friendly pings.
  • Players can now ping enemy deployables & gadgets, this will reveal them to your entire team and place an in world danger ping.
  • When equipping a camo or emote, you can now select an option to equip to all Rogues
  • Your weapon crosshair will now change to a friendly color when placed over an teammate


The Rogue Company Store is now available! Get ready to Look Good as you peruse a number of options to customize your Rogue, wingsuit, weapon, or emote. New items will become available each week so be sure to stop by frequently. Here is just a taste of what you’ll see!


There are times where the battle is a little one sided whether it be your team is having a bad game, or someone has disconnected and isn’t coming back. With the Retail Therapy update, your team will now have the option to offer a surrender in lieu of finishing your current Match.

In order to call for Surrender, one of the following must be true:

  • A player has disconnected for 3 minutes of game time at which point the affected team may call for a surrender
  • 10 minutes of total match time has elapsed at which point either team may call for a surrender

In order to initiate a vote to surrender, a player opens the Menu and selects Surrender.

Team members will have 30 seconds to cast their vote with no vote considered a no. If the vote fails, the team must wait 2 minutes before requesting another surrender vote.



  • Bleedout duration increased from 13s to 16s.


  • Time for the bomb to explode has been reduced from 55s to 50s.
  • Demolition Bomb has projectile collision (no more hiding explosive stake inside the bomb).


  • This mode will now be available until further notice!


  • Adjusted spawn points on Canals.
  • Players will no longer swap sides on round 5.



  • Barbed Wire throw distance has been increased by 15%
  • Barbed Wire no longer impairs members of your team and will have a blue highlight to indicate it’s “friendly”



  • When ADS using a scoped weapon (will not affect non-scoped weapons), the edges of the screen will now be slightly blurred. This effect may be turned off in the Display Settings.


  • Fixed an issue where recoil was being applied over a longer duration than intended.


  • Fixed an issue where the Level 3 Upgrade of the MX-R was not receiving a recoil reduction.


  • Fixed an issue where the Level 1 and Level 3 upgrade for the D3D-i had different Kickback recovery delays.


  • Fixed an issue where holding down the Tab key to open the scoreboard would prevent it from opening again
  • Opening the scorecard prevents the user from walking forward when landing or opening scorecard for a few seconds at the start of the round
  • Ronin Ballistic Knife should no longer deal double damage upon proximity detonation
  • Adjusted Chaac so he can no longer fire his weapon before his ‘Stim Pack’ ability finishes
  • Fixed an issue where downed players could not use ping
  • Rogue Abilities should now recharge in Shooting Range after 20 seconds
  • Reduced the hitbox size of the sticky sensor to an appropriate size of the gadget
  • Dima is no longer visible in two places at once in the Tutorial
  • Fixed a significant “shortcut” in the Tutorial
  • The bomb in demolition can now be planted on top of objects in the bomb site
  • Fixed an area near the aquarium in Skyfell players weren’t meant to access
  • Gadgets can no longer get stuck in the Favelas garage walls
  • Fixed an area High Castle near site B to prevent players from accessing it
  • Players can no longer get stuck in or hide in Cliffs on High Castle
  • Fixed various map exploitable areas on Canals, Icarus, Factory, and Favelas.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to make melee attacks significantly faster than they should by switching weapons.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in the social menu and be unable to close it
  • Players will no longer keep additional rounds gained from purchasing Shredder Rounds if they use buyback
  • Fixed an issue where players could spam quick melee and make attacks much faster than intended

Stay tuned later this week for the latest Rogue Company recap that the devs release every end of the week.

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