Rogue Company Update 1.34 October 6 Sneaks Out (Update)

Rogue Company Update 1.70

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.34 October 6 patch, and this one is a mystery. Read on below for more details.

Rogue Company Update 1.34 October 6 patch notes:

Here’s the message from First Watch Games regarding today’s patch:

Rogues, you may have noticed a small update to your client this morning and are wondering what was in it. Recently we noticed an issue which was sending players to the wrong Region leading to potential poor network performance (lag) and not presenting what we want in the Rogue Company experience.

Next time you login to any platform, you will be prompted to select a region so grab the one closest to your physical location. We’re confident this should provide many of you an overall improvement and present the game as it should be played.

Remember you can change your region at any time in the Social menu by going in the settings or the Game Mode menu. Please let us know how your game is performing and if this helps!

Oddly enough, First Watch Games has not released the patch notes for this update yet, which is a surprise given they usually are on time with these things. The PS4 update history mentions that for this “0.50 hotfix,” players should visit the official Rogue Company site, which has nothing about this title update.

We’re keeping an eye out whether this included any gameplay-related changes or if this is more of a maintenance patch since the game did go free-to-play just recently.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s definitely worth a go (especially it’s free). Here’s a quote from our impressions piece on the early access version:

Overall, for a title that is its early access phase, it shows much promise. It runs great, the gameplay is addictive, and most of all it’s fun. Content will come over time, though if you are interested in early access it may be wise to wait until the free-to-play version is out. That’s not to say its bad, you may just end up being worn out by the time new content arises. It’s definitely worth a check, and if publisher Hi-Rez plays this right, it could potentially be the next big thing.

Once we know the full notes, we’ll update the post.

Update: We’ve updated the post with the official patch changes/fixes.

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