Rogue Company Update 1.49 February 6 Deployed

Rogue Company Update 1.70

While rogues got the big Rogue Company Season 1 patch earlier in the week, First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.49 February 6 patch! Note that given we just got Kestrel in Season 1’s patch, don’t expect any major content to be included in today’s update.

Rogue Company Update 1.49 February 6 Patch Notes:

Note that First Watch Games has not disclosed what this patch does just yet, though there is a new LTM (limited time mode) available now which runs until February 8.

More details regarding Sabotage straight from the devs:

New Mode: Sabotage (COMING FEBRUARY 5TH!)

Welcome to our newest limited-time mode, Sabotage. In each round of this 4v4 match, both teams fight to take control of a neutral bomb and detonate it in the enemy team’s zone or eliminate the enemy team’s tickets. If you have the bomb, be careful because the enemy team can see you!

Similar to Strikeout, you can respawn as many times as you like until you run out of tickets. A best of five rounds will determine the winner and you’ll switch sides each time!

  • Each round lasts 4 minutes.
  • Each team has 40 tickets.
  • The respawn time is 7 seconds.
  • A team wins by planting the bomb or having the most tickets left when the round ends.
  • There is no defend time once you plant the bomb.
  • While a player is holding the bomb they are revealed to friendlies in green and enemies in gold.
  • The bomb will reset where it spawns if it gets thrown off the map or is idle for 30 seconds.

Sabotage Maps

  • High Castle
  • Favelas
  • Lockdown
  • Vice
  • Windward

Same as always, if First Watch releases anything official, we’ll update the post.

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