Rogue Company Update 1.62 Patch Notes for July 6 “Switchblade” Update

Rogue Company Update 1.62

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.62 July 6 patch, or also known as the “Switchblade” update! This brings a new rogue into the roster in Switchblade, a bunch of gameplay-related changes and more.

Rogue Company Update 1.62 Patch Notes for July 6 (Switchblade):

Update: We’ve updated the post with the official patch notes.

The official patch notes aren’t out yet, but here’s what was tested in the PTS (Private Test Servers), which are usually what we’ll see in the final client patch.

From a young age, Switchblade’s been on the run and doesn’t know why. Everyone she gets close to ends up dead. Signing up with Rogue Company is a temporary thing as the Director promised her if she joined, the team would find out who’s made her life a living hell. Switchblade doesn’t believe in promises, but it feels nice to pretend that she does.

  • Primary: MLX Mark 4
  • Primary: 24S
  • Secondary: Spitfire
  • Melee: Baseball Bat
  • Gadgets:
  • Bounce Grenade: A grenade that starts its fuse when bouncing off walls.
  • Flashbang: A grenade that temporarily blinds anyone within its blast radius.


  • Berserker
  • Toughen Up
  • Bounce Back
  • Tenacity
  • Life Drain
  • Replenish

Chaos Launcher: Equip a launcher that fires a Napalm Warhead. On impact, the warhead deals damage and releases a cluster of napalm in the area.

Fight and Flight: Gain increased movement speed after using your ability or gadgets.

New Core Mode: 6v6 King of the Hill

King of the Hill has proven extremely popular with the community and as a result, we believe it should become one of our Core modes. While not as popular as other modes, we still love Extraction, and even though 6v6 KOTH will replace it, look for it to rotate in as a Limited Time Mode in the future.

  • This new mode will replace Extraction which will move to a Limited Time Mode
  • Each round lasts 5 minutes
  • Each second on the hill gains you points but you must remain within this area
  • The hill moves to a different location every 75 seconds
  • The first team to score 150 points or the team with the most points when the time expires wins
  • Sudden Death occurs if the losing team is on the hill when the match timer runs out and the game continues until every team member has been removed


The Arms Dealer Event is back and better than ever! Complete missions, earn credits, and exchange them for shipments with unique rewards!

Players will begin by selecting a mission from the list available. Once a player completes it, they will receive credits that can be exchanged for shipments. Any unspent credits at the end of the event will be exchanged for Reputation.

Only one mission can be active at any given time, however, progress will not reset if a player switches between them and progress is earned through any available game mode.

Standard Missions

  • Shipments unlock additional standard missions
  • Standard missions are repeatable

Exclusive Missions

  • These missions are unlocked for 500 Rogue Bucks
  • Exclusive missions offer greater rewards
  • These missions may only be completed once


There are two types of shipments:

  • Standard – Can be purchased with credits. There are 8 available in total.
  • Special Reserve – This will unlock after all other shipments have been purchased.

Shipment 1

  • Chibi Dima Avatar
  • 1 Hour Boost

Shipment 2

  • Tropical Sunset Border
  • Chibi Ronin Avatar

Shipment 3

  • Party’s Over Banner
  • Ocean Depths Border

Shipment 4

  • Iridescent Shimmer Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Boost

Shipment 5

  • Oil Slick Melee Wrap
  • Fancy Flapping Emote
  • Renowned Title

Shipment 6

  • Virtual Vector Primary Wrap
  • Virtual Vector Melee Wrap

Shipment 7

  • Oil Slick Secondary Wrap
  • Virtual Vector Secondary Wrap
  • 1 Hour Boost

Shipment 8

  • Thrasher Scorch Outfit
  • Dust Devil Wingsuit
  • Special Reserve
  • Tiger Claw Dima Outfit
  • 500 Rogue Bucks
  • Oil Slick Primary Wrap
  • Laughing Stock Emote
  • Collector Title

AFK/Leaver Backfill Functionality

We will be starting phase 1 of our efforts to address the AFK and leaver problem with the Switchblade update. During phase 1, when a player deserts a match due to being AFK or quitting early, they will be replaced by a bot. The bot’s difficulty will scale based on the skill of the players inside the match to ensure a quality experience. If the deserter reconnects to the match, they will replace the bot.

Phase 2 is a larger effort but we’re excited to share that we’re working on a “Player Backfill System.” We will have more details on that shortly!



  • Players can now use gadgets on ziplines.

Assault Rifles


The HRM-30KS struggles against enemies who have access to armor. By increasing the headshot damage from 40 to 42, the HRM-30KS will now down armored players with three shots instead of four. This maintains the weapon’s identity of being a slow-firing, heavy-hitting assault rifle, and makes it a more favorable choice.

  • Headshot damage increased from 40 to 42.


The Nightshade is an assault rifle and SMG hybrid which is designed to have the fastest body Time to Kill of all assault rifles. Unfortunately, the Nightshade struggles when going against enemies who have access to armor. By increasing the body damage from 17 to 18, the weapon will now armored players with seven shots instead of eight.

  • Body damage increased from 17 to 18



The Mamba has a difficult time competing against other weapons inside of the DMR category. By increasing both the Headshot and Bodyshot Damage, we’re creating a more consistent experience across all damage ranges.

  • Headshot damage increased from 24 to 25
  • Body damage increased from 15 to 16


After the Time to Kill reversion, the MX-R was left in a weakened state. The MX-R was being outclassed by the majority of Assault Rifles at all ranges. By increasing the Fire Rate, we’ve found the MX-R to return to its former glory.

  • Fire rate increased from 4.65 to 4.88


A3 Salvo

The A3 Salvo has been the weakest pistol in the game and a constant pain point for our players. Due to community feedback, we’ve decided to buff this weapon across the board.

  • Fire rate increased from 7.14 to 7.69
  • Headshot damage increased from 46 to 48
  • Body damage increased from 38 to 40

LW6 Revolver

The LW6 Revolver hasn’t been performing nearly as well as we’ve intended. This fire rate increase should help Dallas win more pistol rounds.

  • Fire rate increased from 2.78 to 3.03


Shotguns are underperforming. We’ve decided to increase the range on some of our shotguns to see if that puts them in a more favorable spot.


  • Range increased from 6.5 to 8 meters

S12 Tactical

  • Fire rate increased from 2.67 to 3.0

Striker 8×10

  • Fixed an issue where the weapon was less accurate when aiming



The 24S will be receiving a meaningful Level 3 Upgrade as well as getting a small body damage boost. By increasing the body damage to 16, the 24S will need one less shot to down enemies who have armor.

  • Body damage increased from 15 to 16
  • Level 3 Upgrade now additionally reduces recoil

Sniper Rifles

Snipers are getting a Tier 3 headshot damage increase to help counter Rogues such as Chaac whose ability gives him bonus health.

LR15 Fullbody

  • Level 3 Upgrade now increases headshot damage to 175


  • Fixed an issue where the player wouldn’t reload after shooting
  • Level 3 Upgrade now increases headshot damage to 200



A major request from the community was for Chaac to have access to the Berserker perk. We agree with the community’s sentiment and have made the change!

  • Now has Berserker instead of Cloaked


Sadly Dima is underperforming. We’ve seen that Dima’s mirv launcher is easy for players to avoid and Nimble Hands is rarely purchased on him. With that said, we’ve decided to reduce the fuse time of the MIRV Launcher and Dima will now have access to Stalker.

  • MIRV Launcher fuse reduced from 1.8 to 1.5 seconds
  • Now has Stalker instead of Nimble Hands


We wanted to lean into the playmaking potential of Fixer’s kit by giving him Replenish. This was a wonderful community request that will reward Fixer for hitting headshots with the Tyr.”

  • Now has Replenish instead of Headstrong


There isn’t a major difference between having an “okay” game with Kestrel and a “great” game due to her passive ability. Kestrel is able to freely buy any, and sometimes all, items from the Item Shop. We will be reducing the amount of bonus cash she receives to combat that issue.

  • Bonus cash from passive reduced from $1,000 to $500


Lancer is designed to be our Rogue who excels at breaking positional timers and flanking the enemy team. Unfortunately, Lancer is having a hard time executing flanks in Demolition. By increasing the time she has in her ability, Lancer is able to cover more ground.

  • Quick and Quiet ability duration increased from 10 to 14 seconds


Since the release of Rogue Company, Ronin’s passive has always been viewed as weaker than the rest of the lineup. We’ve decided to lean into the ethos of her passive ability and make her immune to reveals as well as enemy radar detection.

  • Underground passive ability changed from “Hidden on the enemies mini-map” to “Immune to reveals and enemy radar detection.”


Seeker will be receiving a couple of buffs to increase his overall desirability and allow him to compete in respawn game modes. We’ve decided to reduce the cooldown on his ability while simultaneously increasing the reveal radius of his arrow. We’ve also increased his passive ability to provide more bonus damage to ensure the arrow will down enemies with armor.

  • Arrow recharge rate decreased from 45 to 40 seconds
  • Reveal radius increased from 7.5 to 8
  • Ricochet passive ability damage increased from 60% to 70%


Talon’s Radar Dart will be receiving a diameter buff. This buff allows Talon to have better visibility over a lot of key choke points throughout our maps.

  • Radar Dart ability range increased from 20 to 23 meters


Since the dawn of time Rogue Company players have wanted Trench’s Barbed Wire to deal damage to their opposition. After much deliberation and testing, we finally agree with you all.

  • Barbed Wire changed from “Create a field of barbed wire that slows enemies” to “Create a field of barbed wire that damages and slows enemies.” It deals 5 damage every 0.25 seconds when an enemy is standing in it.


Adrenaline Shot

Adrenaline Shot is overperforming for its current cost. We will be increasing the cost of the gadget slightly.

  • Cost increased from $3K to $4K
  • Level 1 Upgrade cost increased from $2K to $3K
  • Level 2 Upgrade cost increased from $3K to $4K

Bounce Grenade

The Bounce Grenade needs a small adjustment to help it compete with other lethal gadgets.

  • Fuse reduced from 1.25 to 1.1 seconds


Padded Steps

  • Cost increased from $3K to $4K


  • Breach has been temporarily disabled due to a bug and removed from the Ranked map rotation


NEW! Team Deathmatch 6v6 LTM

  • It’s Team Deathmatch but now with more players!
  • Players have access to the Item Shop while they are eliminated

King of the Hill (KOTH) 4v4 Custom

  • This LTM is now available in Custom mode
  • Hills move in a fixed pattern every round
  • Players have access to the Item Shop while they are eliminated


  • In order to reduce spawn camping, spawn locations will now flip
  • Players have access to the Item Shop while they are eliminated


  • Removed as a core game mode and moved to an LTM


  • Victory, Defeat, and Match Summary screens have been given some art love


  • Fixed an issue where Mack could not fire or switch weapons when hit by EMP Grenades or Gl1tch’s ability
  • Fixed an issue where Gl1tch’s ability did not go on cooldown when dying after use
  • Fixed an issue where mixed graphics settings on PC reset after each update
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox settings reset after each update
  • Fixed an issue where the sidearm zoom was closer to the model when crouching than while standing
  • Fixed an issue where players did not have infinite ammo in shooting range
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmish Team Deathmatch did not count towards LTM quests
  • Fixed an issue where players appeared offline when clicking on them in the end of match lobby
  • Fixed an issue where matches ended abruptly with no victory or defeat screen
  • Fixed an issue where some players had permanent spawn immunity
  • Fixed an issue where a random rank badge appeared in the match lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the voice chat did not work when rejoining a match
  • Fixed an issue where the Rogue Company icon did not show in the middle of the loading screen in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where 2 “Yes” surrender votes in a match would sometimes lead to a surrender, despite 2 other players voting “No.”
  • Fixed an issue where aim assist did not apply when crouching
  • Fixed an issue where bombs planted after using Anvil’s or Mack’s ability were placed in the air
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s camera would aim down while they were using the zipline and looking down sights
  • Fixed an issue where players could use emotes to go prone during fights
  • Fixed an issue where selected Rogue occasionally appeared blurry on the Rogue selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where the “Bomb Dropped” voice line played for the enemy team when the bomb was dropped
  • Fixed an issue where Kestrel’s Resupply bounced off the ground at the attacker spawn location in Canals
  • Fixed an issue where attacking the dummy target in the Tutorial resulted in sound being played even if Master Volume was set to ‘0’
  • Fixed an issue where players in Team Deathmatch were kicked out of the Item Shop after some time
Update: We’ve update the post with the official notes via the developers.
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