Rogue Company Update 1.67 Slides Out This July 22 for Emergency Fixes

Rogue Company Update 1.67

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.67 for July 22, and this is after the game has underwent emergency server maintenance. For those on PS5, this patch will show up as Rogue Company update 1.000.013, and should be a small download.

Rogue Company Update 1.67 Patch Notes for July 22 | Rogue Company Update 1.000.013 Patch Notes:

As mentioned above, there doesn’t seem to be any client-facing changes made, and this is due mostly to server issues affecting the game. That said, we are monitoring the Rogue Company Trello board and will update the post if we see any of the issues lised there marked as resolved.

Speaking of, here are the top issues being worked on officially by the studio:

  • Round end matches fail to appear when the round or match ends.
  • Backfilled bots sometimes do very little or run directly into line of fire.
  • Players on Steam are not receiving achievements properly.
  • Some players are experiencing hitching at the end of a match.

If First Watch provides an update on today’s Rogue Company patch, we’ll be sure to update the post.

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