Rogue Company Update 1.75 Rolled Out This September 14

Rogue Company Update 1.75

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 1.75 patch this September 14, which is the third patch rolled out for the Runaway update.

Rogue Company Update 1.75 Patch Notes:

For now, First Watch Games has not released the official list of changes for today’s patch, though we expect that to change within the day.

Here’s the last set of fixes rolled out back on September 10:

  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to purchase a primary weapon after switching sides.
  • Fixed an issue where Runway would occasionally be unable to purchase her weapon in Ranked Demolition.
  • Fixed an issue where Dahlia could not purchase or upgrade her weapons after linking to Runway.

We’re expecting more bug fixes to be included in this title update, so once First Watch releases the official notes, we’ll update the post, so check back here regularly.

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