Rogue Company Update 1.88 Released for Glimpse Update This Jan. 11 (Update)

Rogue Company Update 1.88

First Watch Games has released the first title update of Rogue Company for 2022! The Rogue Company update 1.88 (PS5 version 1.000.028) is live this January 11, and this is for the Glimpse update. Contrary to past major title updates, today’s patch won’t include a new Battle Pass. Read on for the patch notes below.

Rogue Company Update 1.88 Patch Notes | Rogue Company Update 1.000.028 Patch Notes | Rogue Company Glimpse Update Patch Notes:

Update: Full patch notes have been released!

Note that the patch notes listed below are from the PTS version, though usually, this is the same as the retail patch notes. We’ll update it accordingly once First Watch releases the final version.


As a child, Glimpse was forced into a secret genetic modification program. She eventually escaped the facility that held her captive with the help of stolen cloaking technology. Scarred by her childhood trauma, she vowed to stop those responsible for creating her and has been hunting ever since.

Designing a character in a multiplayer game that turns invisible can be a tricky task to get right. We wanted to deliver the fun experience of sneaking around unseen while avoiding some of the major frustrations that come from being ambushed by an invisible threat. Playing Glimpse is about sneaking around the map, safely across dangerous lines of sight, and never feeling like you’re stuck and have nowhere to go. Glimpse excels at gathering information about where enemies are, and then allow the player to make a decision about the best place to strike from.

Weapons: Assault Rifles (ARs) and SMGs

Starting Weapons: Nightshade AR and Knight SMG

Secondary: P12K Pistol

Melee: Kukri

Gadget (New): Pop Smoke Grenade – New variant of smoke grenade. When thrown, the Pop Smoke Grenade will erupt in smoke immediately upon making contact with a surface. Ideal for placing smokescreens quickly and/or in places you normally couldn’t; Semtex Grenades.


  • Camouflage – Activate your suit’s camouflage and become much harder to see, for as long as your energy supply lasts. Moving faster and/or taking damage makes you easier to see.

Glimpse’s Camouflage has 3 levels of invisibility based on how fast she moves.

  • Passive: Sleight

Your genetically engineered senses are dramatically heightened, allowing you to periodically detect enemies around you.


  • Nimble Hands
  • Hunter
  • Padded Steps
  • Stalker
  • Life Drain
  • Tracker Rounds
  • New Content

Projet Saint:

In 2021, we focused on introducing new content – new Rogues, new maps, new cosmetics, and new Limited Time Modes. However, as we close out 2021 and reflect upon the community’s feedback, we’ve seen strong demand for an emphasis on quality of life improvements and bug fixing. We agree, which is why 2022 will be all about slowing down new Rogue releases and focusing on the quality of life improvements.

We are calling this multi-month effort “Project Saint.” This will not be a quick-fix initiative, but a concentrated effort on heavily requested features, such as human backfill, map voting, larger maps, new perks and gadgets, Ranked improvements, updates to your favorite modes and Rogues (such as a new passive for Vy!), and re-introducing a way to customize your Weapon Wrap loadout by Rogue.

We’re excited to hear the community’s feedback on these features as they’re rolled out. Thank you for your continued support!



  • Weapon Name and Fire Rate: To help players identify weapons and their behavior, we’ve incorporated additions to the HUD to display a weapon’s name and fire-rate type (Bolt-action/Semi-auto/Burst/Full-auto).

  • Unique Crosshairs for DMRs: We want to introduce unique crosshairs for weapon types to establish their identities better and support their behavior. Let us know what you think!


  • Improvements to Armor Feedback We wanted to improve the information that players gain when getting into engagements when fighting around armor. As such, we’ve added unique hit markers to the UI that inform the player that they are shooting at an armored target and, by extension, will also get UI information that they have broken a target’s armor. Conversely, for armored players, we have added an Armor UI icon near their health bar that denotes the current state of their armor: full, damaged, and broken. This UI element will appear below your reticle as you hit enemies.


  • Blocking Players: Players will now have the ability to block other players via the social window and the end of match scoreboard. Blocked players will appear in a new section, called ‘Blocked,’ at the bottom of the friend list. Conversely, players will be able to unblock players in that section. Players will no longer receive friend, party, or custom invites from blocked players.

Daily Contracts

  • Daily Contracts: We have made some improvements to our Daily Contracts! We’ve expanded the system into hosting about 40 new Daily Contracts, so give them a try and let us know what you think.



  • Increased shield size by 15%.

Currently, the shield fits very tightly to her collision capsule and makes it very easy to poke her around the shield. Making it larger should make it more challenging to get an angle on her when she’s facing you directly. It makes shooting her toes more difficult while she’s crouch-walking at you, but not impossible.

  • Increased shield bash damage to 50.

The 50 damage pushes her to two-shotting 100hp rogues and three-shotting armored targets instead of a respective third and fourth shot currently required. We believe that shield bash should sit “middle of the road” in terms of the damage since it is tied to an ability and is not upgradeable.

  • Increased crouching movement speed bonus.

This should make it easier for Sigrid players to close the gap with the shield equipped.


  • Fixed the ability’s targeter to match the size of the deployed barbed wire.


New Passive: Leeching Rounds

  • A portion of the firearm damage you deal is returned to you as Maximum Health up to a maximum of 125 maximum health.



  • Increased clip size from 12 to 15.
  • Significantly increased hip-fire accuracy.
  • Adjusted the field of view (FOV) to accommodate the distances the weapon is primarily used.


  • Increased recoil slightly.


  • Increased vertical recoil.
  • Reduced weapon bloom.


  • Slightly increased vertical recoil.
  • Reduced reticle bloom.


  • Increased vertical recoil.
  • Recoil reduction upgrade now provides less recoil reduction.


  • Increased vertical recoil.
  • Recoil reduction upgrade now provides less recoil reduction.
  • Reduced reticle bloom.


  • Increased vertical recoil.
  • Recoil reduction upgrade now provides less recoil reduction.
  • Reduced reticle bloom.


  • Reduced reticle bloom.


  • Reduced reticle bloom.


  • Reduced reticle bloom.


  • Reduced vertical recoil.


  • Reduced fall-off damage.
  • Body damage reduced from 90 to 80.


  • Body damage reduced from 31 to 27.



  • Removed two crates from Cargo Ship.
  • Players can now stand on various boxes.
  • Players can now get on the boathouse roof by jumping on the door.


  • Can now stand on top of the fruit stands.
  • Can now stand on the statue.


  • Can now stand on the blue tent.


  • Can now stand on the panther.



  • Friendly Damage reduced.
  • Circle damage reduced.
  • Pop smoke added to gadget sets.
  • Armor now drops when you eliminate a player.
  • Mythic Claymore swing damage increased from 100 to 125.
  • Lethal upgrade cost increased from 1K to 1.5K.
  • Revived Health changed from 50 to 40.
  • C4 cost reduced from 3K to 2K

New Weapon Crate Art

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Weapon Changes (Battle Zone specific)

To deal with the increased HP and new armor values in Battle Zone, we’ve adjusted some of the damage values across our weapons to improve their effectiveness.

  • D40-C
    • Headshot Damage: 21
  • Knight
    • Headshot Damage: 33
  • SL-C
    • Headshot Damage: 21
  • LMP-X
    • Headshot Damage: 26
  • KA30
    • Headshot Damage: 32
  • Nightshade
    • Headshot Damage: 27
  • Hydra
    • Headshot Damage: 45
  • Sahara
    • Headshot Damage: 36
  • Mamba
    • Headshot Damage: 72
  • MX-R
    • Headshot Damage: 48
  • D3Di
    • Headshot Damage: 69
    • Body Damage: 44
  • Bishop
    • Headshot Damage: 49
  • MLX Maw
    • Headshot Damage: 27
  • LR15 Fullbody
    • Headshot Damage: 175
  • Tyr
    • Headshot Damage: 150
    • Body Damage: 75

Mythic Weapons Added

  • 24s
  • Riptide
  • Katana
  • Sledgehammer


This update includes over 250 bug fixes. Some of the highlights:

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Rogue Abilities had incorrect names.
  • Fixed an issue that disallowed players from sprinting when dodge-rolling out of scope zoom.
  • Fixed an issue with aim assist when targets were behind medium cover.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Options to become non-functional when pressing “Esc” with a map open for the first time when entering a match.
  • Fixed an issue with the A3 Salvo Weapon Mastery displaying at the end of each match.
  • Fixed an issue with smoke grenades and Nano Smoke disappearing after being thrown.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy names appearing on the screen after players respawned.
  • Fixed an issue with debug text displaying for teammates when a player rejoined a match.
  • Fixed an issue with Nano Smoke grenades getting stuck on the character’s hands when switching between weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with pending friend requests to display in “Playing Rogue Company” section of Friends List.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Windmill Shake” emote audio persisting between rounds.
  • Fixed an issue with players occasionally taking damage from their teammate’s ability equipment if the player who deployed it disconnected from the match.
  • Fixed an issue with the SKL-6 reload sound failing to play if the Nimble Hands perk was purchased.
  • Fixed an issue with “Good Company” not tracking.
  • Fixed an issue with the “House Party” emote playing the wrong emote.
  • Strikeout: Fixed an issue where players would get stuck spectating after death.
  • Battle Zone: Fixed an issue that caused some crates to lack items when opened
  • Battle Zone: Fixed an issue that caused armor to fail to repair if damage is taken while repairing armor.
  • King of the Hill 4v4: Fixed an issue with no maximum limit to gadgets.
  • Shooting Range: Fixed an issue that caused players in a party to be unable to enter the Shooting Range.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck in out-of-bound regions upon activating their ability while moving towards the out-of-bounds region.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the melee tier 2 upgrade decreasing attack speed.
  • Umbra/Battle Zone: Fixed an issue with the spider not taking damage when outside the circle.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the camera not focusing on the player who killed the spider.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the Mastery Avatar not displaying on Rogue Mastery screen.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with Weapon Mastery not tracking correctly for his melee weapon.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue where the player would fail to gain max health when performing assists.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue that caused Umbra to create clones of himself in the Shooting Range.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the Bishop displaying the incorrect game model on upgrades 2 and 3.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue that disallowed the purchase of the Bishop milestone in the Weapon Mastery screen.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with spectate displaying the incorrect time remaining on the spider.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the spider being granted more explosive damage resistance than expected after purchasing Tenacity.
  • Fixed an issue that caused “Down 10 enemies with your gadget or ability” to track incorrectly.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue that allowed him to activate his ability twice in high latency.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue that allowed him to play an emote while deploying spider.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with movement when he used the spider before the bomb was armed or objective was hacked.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the spider being unable to jump if jump keybind was changed.
  • Nemesis Dahlia: Fixed an issue with her VO being extremely loud when using her ability.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue causing him to freeze when he used the spider immediately after meleeing.
  • Umbra: Fixed an issue with the spider appearing on Gl1tch’s hacking pad after the spider detonated.
  • Saint: Fixed an issue that would display Saint’s ability as available upon respawning when Saint would die while using his ability.
  • Doctor Frosty Saint: Fixed an issue that caused his ability to display as invisible when unavailable for use.
  • Mack: Fixed an issue with the lightbomb not blinding players if the player using Mack disconnected from the match after deploying it.
  • Runway: Fixed an issue that caused teammates to be unable to interact with her briefcase when the player using Runway disconnected from the match.


  • The visual preview of Glimpse will occasionally tie her hair into knots.
  • Bots will shoot Glimpse while she is in Camoflauge.
  • Glimpse’s passive does not work correctly in the Shooting Range.
  • Xbox One clips do not have any sound.
  • Sometimes, barbed wire or grenades will fall through the terrain and continue to damage enemy players.
  • Rarely, barbed wire will break by itself.
  • Gun audio will occasionally fail to play unless hitting another player or picking up an enemy’s weapon.
  • Players on console report being unable to hear team chat through headsets, only speakers.
  • Occasionally, Dahlia cannot link to a new Rogue when switching sides in Demolition.
  • Players cannot surrender in a custom match.
  • Players who originally purchased Year 1 Pass or Bundles on PS4 and now play on PS5 do not see purchases transfer over. These players must reach out to Hi-Rez Support for assistance.
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