Rogue Company Update 1.92 Out for Fixes & Changes This Feb. 10

Rogue Company Update 1.92

First Watch Games has released Rogue Company update 1.92, and this one is changes and fixes on platforms this February 10! Check out the full patch notes below.

Rogue Company Update 1.92 Patch Notes:

At the time of writing, First Watch Games has not revealed the full release notes for this patch. In the meantime, check out the known issues that came with the latest patch two days ago, Neochrome:


  • Friendly Bots will sometimes not pickup a dropped bomb in the Chimera dropship.
  • Friendly Bots have a hard time trying to find and revive a downed and Camouflaged Glimpse.
  • In shooting range, the APS has a much larger hitbox than intended.
  • As you transition from one round to the next as Glimpse, your Camouflage energy bar will persist on screen.
  • Mack’s lightbomb detonate prompt will sometimes fail to disappear after detonating it while downed.
  • As Lancer, if you are downed mid-roll, when revived you’ll find that sometimes your weapon wasn’t reloaded by her passive.
  • As Dahlia, her revive prompt can appear while respawning.
  • Sometimes while downed, you will hear the “out of ammo” SFX if attempting to fire.

This latest patch may have fixed one or more of the issues above. We’ll update this post accordingly once the full patch notes are out.

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