Rogue Company Update 2.00 Out for Rogues Rising This May 10

rogue company update 2.10

First Watch Games has released the Rogue Company update 2.00 patch today, and this one is for the major Rogues Rising update! Check out the full Rogue Company May 10 update patch notes below.

Rogue Company Update 2.00 Patch Notes | Rogue Company May 10 Update Patch Notes:

In our newest update, Rogue Company retaliates to Jackal’s attack on Meltdown by assaulting a newly discovered Jackal outpost. In addition to a brand new skirmish map, we are also improving some elements in our game via some Project Saint initiatives to give players a more complete experience when playing matches of Rogue Company.

New Map: Vertigo

Be cautious of pit falls and getting caught in crossfires of our new skirmish map, Vertigo, a Jackal outpost built upon a cliff face. The map’s slightly larger footprint, interconnecting paths and overlapping ziplines create a dynamic and fast-paced style map that plays well with our 4v4 skirmish modes like Skirmish Dodgeball and Skirmish TDM.

Project Saint Initiatives

This round of Project Saint initiatives are aligned toward polishing and improving some global player experience pieces of our game modes. 

New Feature: MVP Line Up

In this update, every match will now showcase the top three performers of a match. MVPs are determined by a plethora of general and game mode specific performance metrics. Did you drop a 50 bomb of Downs? Are you the patron(or matron) Saintof revives, leaving no soldier behind? The immovable object holding down the fort on all King of the Hill points? We hope that this celebration of player skill at the end of every match will make players feel like true Rogues. As always, we look forward to your feedback!

New Feature: Narrative Event – Juke’s Gambit

Since the introduction of Rogue Company, we have been hard at work building the world and everything within it. We were aware that we lacked the means of delivering our lore to the community, something that was often requested by our players for a good while. We’ve rolled out bits and hints to the world of Rogue Company and it’s characters via bios and maps. Now with our Narrative Event feature, this will be the first way that allows players to engage with our lore by accomplishing objectives to not only receive a cosmetic reward but also unlock lore that reveal more about the world, the characters and potential events. We hope that you enjoy our first narrative event, Juke’s Gambit, as we figure out who really was impacted by Jackal’s attack on Meltdown.

Improvement: Dynamic Match Music

Experience matches in a way you never have before! The music will now help create intensity by changing during different phases and states of the game.

Improvement: Dynamic Scoreboard

As a core component of all of our game modes, we decided to overhaul and improve our scoreboard to not only function better, but also better reflect the metrics our players should care about on a game-mode-by-game-mode basis. We have a few more improvements, like reworking how Eliminations behave, that will be represent player performance. Let us know what you think!

If there are any more new updates mentioned, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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