Rumor: Are These the First Images of the N64 Classic Mini?

n64 classic mini

With the success Nintendo has had with the NES Classic and the SNES Classic (or otherwise known as the NES Mini and SNES Mini), it’s almost a given that we’ll see an N64 Classic Mini in some form or another. Well, if this recent leak is legit, we might have just gotten our first look at the new Nintendo retro console.

Over on Twitter, user Nacho & Pistacho (yep, that’s his actual handle) posted what looks to be an N64 Classic Mini console complete with controller ports just like the ones we saw on the SNES Classic.

Before anyone rushes out to pre-order one, there is the chance that this is a fake/mock up or something not official. We’ve reached out to Nintendo and if we hear anything back, we’ll update the story.

If Nintendo did release an N64 Classic Mini, what games would you want to see included? Can Nintendo even include some of Rare’s old titles? Let us now what you think in the comments.

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