Rumor – Future Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Map Names Possibly Leaked; Dome, Battery, Red River, and Rumble

It seems that Infinity Ward might have slipped the names of Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ next map pack through today’s release of the game’s Onslaught DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Map Names

Battery, Rumble, Red River, and Dome, as spotted by Reddit user Osiris OP, are either the actual names of upcoming Ghosts DLC maps, or code names that Infinity Ward is using internally for testing purposes.

It’s worth pointing out that two maps titled “Dome” have been a part of the Call of Duty franchise; one in Treyarch’s World of War and one in Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3. Also, as we previously mentioned, many users found Strike Zone from Call of Duty: Ghosts strikingly similar in layout to Modern Warfare 3’s Dome.

Of course, take things with a grain of salt. There’s no telling what exactly the significance of these map names are, but it’s always fun to speculate.

Do you see a Dome remake in future map packs likely, considering the similarities in Strike Zone?

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