Rumor: New Nintendo Switch OLED Model Planned for Release This Year

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

It appears that Nintendo is ready to update the Nintendo Switch even further to keep up with the growing demands from customers, as Bloomberg reports that the company is planning to announce a new OLED Switch model later in 2021 — with production expected to begin later in 2021.

In the report, the 7-inch, 720-p resolution OLED panels will be produced by Samsung Display Co. and is expected to start by June — with an initial monthly target of about under a million units to be made. The upgrade is being done to better compete with the other consoles in the market — namely the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

“The OLED panel will consume less battery, offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time when compared to the Switch’s current liquid-crystal display,” display consultancy DSCC co-founder Yoshio Tamura told Bloomberg.

The new and rigid OLED panels are a cheaper alternative compared to the ones found in high-end smartphones, but the new Switch model will also come with 4K ultra HD resolution when the system is docked — a feature long requested for the system since it was launched back in 2017.  As the console just turned 4 years this month, it’s only fitting that a new upgrade is in the horizon and we’ll probably get the official word from Nintendo sooner or later.

Speaking about Nintendo and consoles, the Wii U recently got a new software update in Update 5.5.5 — two years after the last one was released.

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